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Results Sticky

A topic by Murkloc created Jan 30, 2017 Views: 215 Replies: 3
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Host (Edited 1 time)
The results are in! The rankings are as follows:

1. Hyper Cycle by Inv3ntor and Omegaflash4 (27/30)

2. Race() by Prime00 Interactive (24/30) (submitted privately)

3. Just Race by Faisal Rahman (23/30)

4. Spiedo by Vanvet Games (21/30)

5. Roadway Ram by ZaffreSheepGames (20/30)

5. .Race by Michael Hofmann (20/30)

7. Sugar Rush by tweanie and kanatos (19/30)

8. Haus of Araki by 0014x (14/30)

9. Race race race by Energetic Games (13/30) (submitted privately)

10. Hyper Pong by Charboozi (3/30)

Chase was unfortunately disqualified. We could not get the game to run.

Congratulations to our winners, and we hope to see you in the next jam! Let us know if you won a prize and we will award you. If you want a more detailed breakdown on how your game scored, let us know and we will respond. Thanks to everybody who participated.


Hey everyone! I would like to say how much fun this jam was. I enjoyed the challenge of the themes and the time allotted made it a bit more fun. Personally I enjoyed most of the games submitted here, but I would like to know how specific my game(Roadway Ram) was graded. Like how it got on art, music, polish, and the others. And if you can, go in a little detail with the gradings, how I could make it better in each aspect. Thanks in advance!

PS.) I'm assuming this is where I'd post my detailed breakdown request, apologies if not.


Congratulation to everyone!^^ That's jam was pretty cool, i want to know like ZaffreSheep said how do you rate my game (in art,music,polish etc ...)


Yes, agree with ZaffreSheep,