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Hello! We are running a 60-hour retro jam to finish off the month of January!




1. The jam starts at 8:00 EST on January 27th, and ends at 8:00 AM EST on January 30th. All entries must be submitted by the end date in the form of either a .zip file or a version playable directly on a website.

2. Any and all game engines are allowed.

3. Teams of up to five people are allowed, but prizes will be split between the group.

4. Open source and free assets are allowed, but the source must be credited (even if the source is public domain).

5. You must follow the jam's theme. The theme will be announced at the start of the jam.

6. Scoring will be on a 1-5 star scale over six categories: Creativity, Design, Polish, Art, Music, and Theme.


1. Steam games totaling up to $50

2. Steam games totaling up to $25

We can award trophies to the first-place winners, but participants must pay for shipping costs.

Good Luck!

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haus (n.) old high german pronunciation of "house" araki (n.) immortal serial killer capable of time-travel
Interactive Fiction
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This is not racing game, maybe more like avoider
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2Player-Race Game with Singleplayer Mode
Chase down the streetracers!
Outrun the cops for as long as you can!
endless runner, arcade
a sugar game with racing
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