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Battle Royale game , you need to conquer the arena .
Submitted by Pablo Monfort — 14 days, 4 hours before the deadline

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I don't remember ever seeing a game with these kind of RTS mechanics done with only one controllable unit. Its pretty unique. I have one big issue with the gameplay however. It lacks a good sense of progression. I can see the steps by looking at the forge, but for a new player is is far too easy to get lost (what is this icon and what does it represent? Is the red mine copper, or is it the brown one. Why does my pickaxe needs to be steel to be able to mine gold? Stuff like that), not to mention that the AI is very unforgiving. If you are unprepared and one of them comes to you equipped, you are done for. The game has combat, but it feels more like a forging race since the first one to build up wins, essentially. I found it really weird that you had to drag and drop after gathering a resource, instead of it just going to your inventory if you had space available



Looks neat. Reminds me a lot of Age of Empires and the like. UI icons and descriptions are super small and hard to read, but otherwise everything looks nice. Music can feel repetitive after a while, specially since matches last for a considerable amount of time. The lack of sound (and sometimes visual) feedback when you are unable to gather a resource is one of the reasons why it is so easy to get lost in the game

[13/20] -> Doubled to 26


RTS is a genre that is already pretty difficult for most people to get into, so you had a pretty big challenge in your hands with this category. Sadly, the gameplay issues, player movement speed and game length with no real change to the dynamics of the gameplay will make most people drop the game after building a tool or two (or after being decimated by the AI)



The idea has potential, but I wonder if it would have been better with multiple controllable units instead (with buildings to construct said units, and you character as a special commander unit or something). This needs a lot of polish in the gameplay department (and a little bit in presentation), but the core ideas are solid


Total: 51/100 (3 Stars)


i like all what you say here and im agree with you, hope to see you soon when i add multiplayer and more fun to the game ! thank you for comment ;)


Graphically the game is pretty good, and the general idea is sound however there are a fair few issues with what is currently there that need weeding out before it can be called decent. The largest issue, so far, is the fact that once someone else gets tooled up, if you aren't already ready for them you won't be able to be. There's very little wait time between respawns to prepare for an enemy to go after you. This wouldn't be such a big problem if the controls weren't, well, dumb.

See, instead of just interacting with items on the ground and having them automatically shift into your sack you need to first get in the right position to be on top of and facing them, then press F to bring up a window to drag the small icon of the item from and into your pack. You need to manually stack items of the same type in this manner. 

There's also no instruction on how to make weapons and tools - eventually I found the forge but there was a specific 'Gameplay Tips' tab that didn't mention that being a thing at all. You were also not told how to equip weapons/armour/tools so a lot of time was spent trying to figure that out. 

Honestly, it's a bit of a mess. You do not have nearly enough time to recover from being killed in order to do anything to stave off repeated attacks, nor does the amount of time you do have allow for you to really collect enough stuff to get up and running. Especially when you're trying to deal with the horrible controls.

Does it have promise? Yeah, but until it's given some Quality of Life love it's not really worth playing. Sorry... >.<;

Developer (4 edits)

sorry about late reply , yes sure , you are right, im here for put that spirit and life to the game, but since this is not giving me to eat, and im really poor, I cant work full time on it, i really wish to fix all these stuff but barely i have that time since im working full time as unity developer for some customers , i run out of time for the contest , the ai its very dumb in the game , i want it multiplayer better i mean the goal is for be online battles with real users fighting each other between for conquer the arena in this virtual world just for fun eternaly characters , shop , items , gems , swords with flames etc... the start menu i can improve it much more and i can improve all much more but with time slowly , as hobbiest , for myself and community i really put alot of effort and yeah maby i didnt organize too much and the end is was not too clean as i want it but the base of the game was made in 10 days mostly... everything from 0 , the blender etc alot of work for too short of time my friend... thank for your large post hope see you when i get improve this game bye. Take care.

PD : it was really fun to see the video when my ai ( coded all by myself goes and punish you coz you take a long time to get your weapon and armor) but easy just restart and play it and be ready when the game comes to a good stage and a lot of items and stuff come :) 
And Again THANK YOU for your time take care! see you 


This game is fun and relaxing, until you get killed :p I like this, I like the idea behind it, having to craft and build up your own arsenal to take people on. I do have some suggestions, for what it's worth: it would be nice if when you get resources it automatically put them in your back pack instead of requiring you to drag and drop it yourself. Also, the gathering of resources with a tool takes a bit too long, it would be nicer if it was a bit quicker. Overall good job, keep up the good work!


Thank you for the comment, sorry for the late reply, well its a nice suggestions what you say, the thing is that i want to put this as multiplayer and kind of worldofwarcraft thing maby with shop and coins and alot of items i mean alot of and much more fun, like mobsters of npcs differents maps, differents characters and style to play, the ones in this version is the warrior roman kind, but i think im gonna redo this for start to customize your character like race... class.. so you can choice this before start game and the game will have more fun this way... and all matters drag and drop the items in multiplayer will be a skill thing too coz you must drag and drop fast before some one do it before you . what you say about this? hope you see you soon i have more games coming on the way too


Alright, that sounds pretty cool, and I think it covers the drag and drop aspect well! In that regards, something that might be neat if you weren't planning it already, that some classes being faster at chopping trees, some faster at mining, etc. I look forward to seeing where you go with this!


this is nice idea, we can made this with time no doubt good idea i will add it when i can promise. ;)


Such wow, so much effort in your game!
Are you code from scratch?

Developer (3 edits)

Hi thanks, nope I scripted all myself from zero ... still are some bugs and maybe there is a better way of script what I did, coz the ai calculates too much fast and at the same time and distances from players and resources etc was a complete nightmare and I run out of time, have some new skills for add but did run out of time can't publish it yet, the ai doesn't use the new boost run skill , but I think to add a lot of things with time and patience sure .



I didn't played the game to much (could not understand it really), but I enjoyed the style. Reminds me of Diablo 2


Hello thanks for comment, im glad you like the style , you can check the button Game Controls & Tips for know more about how to play. thank you.


I wasn't able to play the game, not because of a game breaking bug, but because of the awful and unfitting music.

Developer (2 edits)

sorry to ear that but well thats the music i pick and i think its fit well with what i want so sorry about you dont like it and thank for your comment ... take care thank you