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A jam submission

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A short explorative horror game
Submitted by dave_ja — 4 days, 21 hours before the deadline
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This was really fun, nice work

Full Playthrough No Commentary


I just finished playing your game, and what stays with me the most is the way you've handled lighting. Each location has a distinctive lighting and color scheme which makes every one of them memorable in their own way.  The way you managed to pull out those door transition was neat, sometimes when I see games doing this Resident Evil reference it can appear just a bit bland, but you made them look really good and fully part a the experience. 

Low res audio was cool too and it sat the mood efficiently. Special mention to your ocean wave splash effect that i found really creative and gave a certain charm. 

Overall a nice narrative experience, spiced up with well cooked cutscenes. Perhaps it was lacking a bit of some elements of tension most part of the game.

That's a big well done !


I don’t even know where to begin, really. This is one hell of a game. It has it all, complete with cutscenes and loading doors.

Not sure if they are actually prerendered or not but it feels like it and that gives them this very special late 90s, early 2k charme. Both the loading doors and cutscenes, that is.

I got stuck between to desks the first time around though. Then avoided desks xD


glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to do a bit of desk debugging!


This is an excellent game and I'm very happy to ended up porting it to Windows! Although - just a heads-up that there's a 'fatal error' crash at the scene when you kick off the lifeboat at the very end. 

This was a really memorable experience. The strengths of this game are in your skills as a 3D animator. Providing cutscenes and decent animation to this game really enhances the quality and lends the game a more cinematic experience than similar games of its type, which can be fairly lifeless. 

The game also is good at balancing its tension! I'm a complete wimp, so I was glad that the scares came through cutscenes that were signalled by a letterboxed screen, although this might have hindered the directness of jump scares, if you wanted to pursue a more terrifying direction in the game. 

Narratively - okay, this is nothing new, the same sort of 'experiment gone wrong' tropes - but for a jam this is awfully well thought out, with lots of environmental storytelling, There's heaps of notes and books, lots of interactive items, and a mix of settings, with a traditional lighthouse and a lab. 

Also, I like the subtle hint to the Resident Evil room transitions. They're always a delight to see. 

I made a playthrough video below: 

I hope you keep on with developing and creating story-driven experiences like this! You have an excellent talent as a storyteller and animator and encourage you to build on those skills. 

- FSV 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for this detailed review, and the bug hunting. The end cut scene was crashing due a massive amount of shaders in memory, I've since fixed and re-uploaded, but thankfully your video showcases the entire thing and only crashed at the end of the final cut scene! 😊


No problem! It was a great experience - I'm glad I didn't miss too much at the end! 


I think you forgot to compile for windows, wish I could try it, looks cool!