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Thank you! Yes, I’m trying to not go full on crazy rush :D

Say, do we know each other, perhaps from a certain indie strolche discord server? Because of the squirrel and all … ^^

I’m also curious how it will actually turn out, haha

Herr Eichinger! Thank you very much. It means a lot to us!

Thank you very much for playing!

I agree. Some narrative would have given it some more edge. And there’s some lore to tell for sure.

Alas, the time ran out on us :c

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Hey, thank you for playing our little game! I liked your strategy to deal with the old Gentleman by jumping on lanterns, haha. Great video!

I don’t even know where to begin, really. This is one hell of a game. It has it all, complete with cutscenes and loading doors.

Not sure if they are actually prerendered or not but it feels like it and that gives them this very special late 90s, early 2k charme. Both the loading doors and cutscenes, that is.

I got stuck between to desks the first time around though. Then avoided desks xD

This is such a good experience! The voice acting is top of the shelf. I wanted it to go on for much longer and find out more details about all of this.

The environmental design is amazing and pulls you right into the situation and the pacing is also very pleasent. For me it was just right. I had enough time to gawk at the facility and at the same time not lose track of what was going on via voice comms.

The atmosphere is gripping. I’ve been following the progress of The Bends on the server. It’s even better than I had anticipated :D

In terms of atmosphere and sounds - both work together well to ground the player into the game.

I tricked the fine man at the other end of the comms a little by not walking back to the elevator the first time around, hehe.

If I could make a wish, it’d be some kind of checkpoints that spawn me back at the last relevant crossroads or so, so I wouldn’t have to walk all the way again.

As farsidevirtual said. It’s really something different of a game. Which is good. It plays well with the expectation that something gruesomely spooky is happening imminently to then lead you … to quite a different place than that. That’s no less gruesome to be sure.

Also the music and sound design is of the absolute toppest notch. It’s really really good and grounds you into the game in an instant and takes you along for the ride.

My fav is the engines ops. When this is all over I wanna have a beer with him.

I remembered the caves and its contents from the server, where you were asking about the weird behaviour with the player flashlght. Something about wrong face normals.

Anyway. It was a blast experiencing the final result. You all did a fantastic job making this a really great and polished experience.

Oh my, you’re straining my poor little potato AI xD Nice run!

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Sneaky easteregg eh? ^^

A new twist on the rat catcher myth. And it’s great!

Loved the theme music. Very heavy, very catchy too. It’s still ringing in my head.

The main part was sufficiently tricky and failing left me wanting to try again. Which I did. Gotta love the ending

Positively unnerving. High quality psycho trauma.

Love it!

But I agree, the boards are fumbly af xD

Thanks for playing!

That’s interesting bit of info. I’ll read up on ye olde Sack Man, thanks for the tip :D

Thank you :D

Oh well. He’ll manage. Maybe he’ll become the next Hafermann. Who knows?

Thank you for taking the time and writing up such detailed feedback!

It’s really a shame that we failed to communicate that the Irrlicht will actually lead you to where you need to go at all times. Additionally to blinding the Hafermann.

You could play it without even paying attention where you go as long as you follow the little blue light. That was the reason there was not much sign-posting going on to give a general orientation. Welp :D

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Thank you! Glad you liked it.

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Grüß dich, Rosti!

Freut uns dass es dir gefallen hat, danke fürs spielen!

Falls es dich interessiert: Der Hafermann stammt aus dem Buch Deutsche Mythologie von Jacob Grimm und wird dort auch als Kornmann oder Korndämon bezeichnet :)

Eine konkrete Geschichte hat er aber nicht, die haben wir uns ausgedacht :D

Thanks for playing, Rosti! Much love

Thank you! Glad you like it. @liefthief drew concepts before they went and started creating the characters. You could ask them if they want to show the concept drawings.

For the environment there was a mood board.

Thank you!

Agreed, skipping the intro was on my list of things to do but it didn’t make it into the build in time. We might deliver a patch with some convenience fixes.

On the shrine: If you follow the wisp in the lamp it will show you where you need to go :)

Thank you very much. Glad you like it.

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Great atmosphere. Not 100% certain what just happened to me. I’m having a feeling that I’ll be heading for Neverland though. I can deal with that! :D

The light among the trees was nice. I wish that part could be expanded. It had really good moments.

Super entertaining session. Thanks for playing our little game!

Hehe. You broke the end a little :D Thanks for taking the time and recording your gameplay!