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A monochromized perception of Breakout.
Submitted by helewrer3 (@helewrer3) — 1 day, 15 hours before the deadline

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Atari Game

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There is now a mouse control version!
For those who want the Pre-Jam game, check Monout_v1.2[Keyboard].
Those who love their mouse, check Monout_v1.2[Mouse]


A very well made recreation in its own right.  My biggest gripe (as you know) is with the controls.  I'd love to try a mouse version and see how far I can get.  The "two paddles" with the hole in the middle is just diabolical, and I love it.  It really screws with everything you know about standard breakout.  Sadly due to the game's high difficulty, I never got past level 2, so I couldn't see much further.  Nice entry!


😅 Thanks for playing :)


Likin' that monochrome aesthetic to it, nice. :p

I'm garbage at breakout though, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it! Great work. \.o./




A good adaptation of the original source I thought, the controls and feel are spot on though I would have wished for more patterns in the bricks and frame, seeing the whole game was monochrome already.

I'm not sure why I only got half the screen but it was very playable as is so I'm not complaining.



Actually, that's the level barrier, the screen will unlock as you level up


Oh also I appreciated that you based the bounce angle from the paddle on the x position of the collision on the paddle. Very authentic and 100% correct IMO. :)


Thanks, i previously had only normal bounce mechanics, but i changed it after replaying the original again :)


Awesome! The "homework" was the best part. :D




I never shy away from a break-out clone! :)

I love it. Brutally hard with the digital controls. I'd play forever if my mouse was emulating a paddle. But still great fun and I loved the monochrome look.

My memories of breakout and super breakout are mostly from playing mo my grandmother's black & white TV in the early 80's, so I was right at home! :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Heh, since the submission time is nearly over i will put a option for mouse controls after jam is over :)


Oh nice! Thanks!


I know a lot of you guys will be thinking that, "oh, another breakout clone meh".

But hear me out, there is a story behind it. You see, when I was 6-7 my cousin had an atari with breakout, so whenever i went to visit him during summer breaks we both would play it till dusk, fighting to see who could last longer. Hence, this game holds a special place in my heart ❤

This is the reason i chose to remake it out of plethora of games available for atari.

Hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as i did making it :)