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PrismEcho.unitypackage contains the post processor shader I re-used from an older game of mine. Feel free to use and abuse it.

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I used a post processing shader I made for an old game to make my game look cool or annoying depending on your opinion. If you want to use it too, have at it. I know it's late.... I only started Friday night. 

Just add the component to your camera and hook up the material. Lots of settings in the material you can play with. Let me know if you use it, I'd love to see. (You don't have to or anything.)

Unity package is downloadable here with my submission:

Honestly, that's not a thing I'm likely to get to any time soon, but I hear you and I appreciate you sharing you thoughts. :)

I wouldn't think so.

Should be fixed as of two minutes ago. Thanks again for reporting it!

No need for a video, that's plenty to go on. Thanks!

Are you seeing this during the battles, the board play, or both?

Oh dear! I'll keep working on it. Thanks for speaking up!

It's chess, only you have to fight with lasers and there's magic. So... it's pretty different from chess.

Now with online play featuring public and private matches as well as chat.  Supports two players with gamepads or a single keyboard / mouse. Also has a single player vs. AI mode for the shy folks.

Have fun!

Hi there.  Sorry. This music is the intellectual property of Schell Games, who made Orion Trail.

Thanks for the game! I Love it.

Ah cool thanks! You can reconfigure the buttons in the controls menu. The defaults may only make sense to me! :)

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If you're asking if you can use phrases generated with this tool for commercial purposes... I don't see why not! I certainly don't mind and the only thing in here that's not handcrafted from scratch by me is the samples for Dad Bot, which I acquired by recording the audio from an old dos program running in DOSBox into Audacity and the cutting and cleaning up that raw audio. I'm pretty sure you're legally good to go.

You won!

Yeah... If I ever update this I'll probably just give you a slider so you can tune it to whatever normal or abnormal values you like. Glad you're having fun with it.

I'm not sure what you're asking tbh. Let me know if this doesn't answer your question... 

This is parsing English into an intermediate phoneme language and then stringing together audio samples per phoneme to construct words. Dad bot is directly sampled from an old DOS TTS program. Mom is a human voice with some audio processing. Baby is the Dad phoneme bank, pitch shifted and with additional processing.

Half twin stick shooter, half rhythm game, half dungeon crawler. 150% groovy! ✌

Open beta just kicked off on Feedback greatly appreciated.


No, but it's an interesting idea! What were you hoping for?

Shkapang is the fastest and craziest brick-breaker you'll ever play. 

Unless you don't play it, then it's the fastest and craziest brick-breaker you'll never play. 

Don't let that happen!


I love it! Thanks for sharing! Tweet with #RETROMEME, if you're into that, and I'll boost it.

I love it! Thanks for sharing it. May I tweet these? If so may I credit you?

This was bug in a specific version. Sorry about that. Get fresh copy and it should be solved.

NOTE: Controls are significantly different now. Please see: for details.


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NOTE: There's UI for all functions now. These shortcuts still work, but you don't need them...

Open Image Files: 

[CTRL] + O = File open menu (You can add multiple images)
 Use arrow keys to navigate to an image file
 Up/Down to search files in a directory
 Left to go up a directory
 Right to load a file or subdirectory

Web Cam: 

[CTRL] + C = Add Webcam Feed
[CTRL] + X = Play/Freeze Webcam Feed

Editing Controls:

Left/Right/Up/Down  =  Move  current image

[SHIFT] + Left/Right  =  Rotate  current image
[SHIFT] + Up  =  Scale up current image
[SHIFT] + Down  =  Scale Down current image
[CTRL] + F  =  Flip current image

Left Arrow + Right Arrow = Stretch current image horizontally
Up Arrow + Down Arrow = Stretch current image vertically

[CTRL] + Left / Right = Adjust gain for current image
[CTRL] + Up / Down = Adjust transparency for current image

[CTRL] + [-] / [+]  =  Set chroma key hue for current image
[SHIFT] + [-] / [+]  =  Set chroma key precision for current image

[CTRL] + H  =  Hue shift  current image

[PG UP] / [PG DN] = Move current image fwd / back in stack order.

[CTRL] + N  =  Select next image
[CTRL] + Backspace = Delete current image

[-][+]  =  Adjust Overall Brightness

[CTRL] + [9][0]  =  Adjust Overall White Value

[CTRL] + B  =  change background color

[CTRL] + P  =  Next Palette
[CTRL] + R  =  Change Resolution

Just start typing! =  Add text
[CTRL] + [ENTER]  =  switch typing target (top/middle/bottom)
[SHIFT] + Backspace = Clear current text
[SHIFT] + T  =  change current text color
[CTRL] + T  =  change current text alignment

[CTRL] + S  =  Save Image

[f9] + Up / Down  =  Mess around with dithering thresholds 
[f10] + Up / Down  =  Mess around with dithering thresholds 
[f11] + Up / Down  =  Mess around with dithering thresholds 
[f12] + Up / Down  =  Mess around with dithering thresholds 

[TAB] + Left / Right = Adjust Horizontal Resolution
[TAB] + Up / Down = Adjust Vertical Resolution
[TAB] + [ESC] Reset Resolution

Set Image Output Location: 

*default location is same directory as the executable
[CTRL] + D = Directory search menu
 Use arrow keys to navigate to a directory
 Up / Down to search subdirectories in a directory
 Left to go up a directory
 Right to search in a subdirectory
 Enter to set save location 

Embrace the jank!



Go ahead. Make something weird.

Free waste of time!

It's solitaire BUT you can play minigames to cheat when you're stuck. Start with three mingames, unlock ??? more!

EGA / CGA / Monochrome graphics modes.

Speech synthesis learns to say your name.

Irrational soundtrack plays forever and never repeats.

It's FREE but it's not crap. 👍

But I'm not going to do it. I'm too busy playing Frog Fraction and leveling up my math skills! Thanks Twinbeard!

Oh for sure! I loved hearing it! Thanks.