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Vector Hat

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In the hopes that someone someday, after things go back to normal, might think it's worth paying a couple of bucks for it.

If you have sensitive eyes then this may not be for you, although you can disable the flashing effect if that helps. 

To answer your question, yes this is different. When you get stuck, or anytime you want really, you can play a pong minigame to trade in a card for a (hopefully) better card.  You can always win Radical Solitaire.

Demo for a game soon to be on Kickstarter.  Already fun to play! :)

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is part twin stick-shooter, part rhythm game, part dungeon crawler. Every action, every laser blast and robot explosion, happens according the rhythm of the music.

Thank YOU! :)

Since I don;t want to get swamped passing out Steam keys I did this instead:

Hope that's cool. :)

Thanks! Now is the time!

I encourage you to believe it despite what you already know.

This should fix that bug. Thanks again for reporting it.

Double click is in!

Nooo! Sorry. I'll see if I can fix that. 😔

Thanks! :)

That I would love to see!

Double-click up is a good suggestion and I have noted it and may do it someday, when I find a little time.

I'll look into that double-click bug ASAP, sorry about that. :(

1 card at a time?! You already can't lose! :P 

Hey thanks! Thanks for playing.

Yeah, your detective work is good! The mouse controls used to be point and click with a reticle.  I know that sounds intuitively better but it resulted in a strange phenomenon where certain enemies where considerably easier to defeat and other where more difficult depending on whether you used the mouse or the gamepad. That made it impossible to gave the game a reasonable difficulty ramp for all players, so I opted to have the mouse do its best to simulate the gamepad, which is the primary why I intended the game to be played.

You might be able to dig up an old version out of the devlog... not sure... 

Hey there.  Honestly thousands of people have downloaded this game during this sale, which is super awesome! It's way more than I expected. However generating and distributing Steam keys for everyone could turn into a full time job and I'm a little too busy with life these days. If you want to claim it you just have to pay something for it. A few folks have paid $0.50 so maybe that's the minimum.. I don't really know. You could trying paying a penny, maybe! :)

This is a little embarrassing, but I don't remember. The best I got for both questions is "probably not." :)

This seems to be happening with my older games that where uploaded with butler (itch's command line upload tool.) Butler should be tagging things into the right channel now. I retagged and saved so that might fix it. If not I think it may be an issue for itch support. Could you try again and let me know? Are you having this problem with other Vector Hat games?

So much feedback! Thanks for taking the time. I don't know that I'm up for doing any real work on the game now, but if I ever crack it open or try do any next level stuff with it I'll refer back! 

A few points:

  • The AI isn't great PERIOD! :) I made it so I could test the game and left it in for single players because it's... ahem... functional.
  • Berzerker... Total typo! Oops! :)
  • You CAN make the AI play the AI. Turn on "Allow Zero Players" in the options and start a game. Warning: The AI flaws are even more apparent when AI duels itself. It has no idea how to close out the game. Still it is fun to watch.

Thanks for playing and for getting in touch! Stay Rad! ;)

Welp i can't find anything wrong. 

Looks like itch can't either ( )

I re-tagged things and saved the game page. Perhaps that fixed it?

Thanks for the reply! They'd been tagged like that for a long time. I changed nothing recently.

Unless there's a better way?

Please see:

Oh no! I guess I have to ask you (or anyone who reads this) to file the report and link this thread. Sorry!

Huh weird! This is uploaded through butler. I'll file a report and see if itch moderators can sort the tags out. I'll post back here if I here anything.

In the meantime, can I send you a zip or something? :)


Today is the day!

Byte Driver combines a classic driving game with a bottom up shooter. Your car runs on energy. Using weapons and bumping into things will cost you energy. Energy and weapons are obtained by hacking the vehicles around you. Run out of energy, and you die.  

Hope you like it! :)


Delightful. I made a new friend.

But did you feel like a good enough space pigeon?

Our jam buddy Giselle is going to be hosting a post jam play party on her twitch channel! Come hang out with her and your fellow creators and bask in the warm glow of the awesome stuff we made this week. She’s going to play everything that she can (windows exes or browser games) so get excited! The show starts at 11pm EST on Sunday at Hop on over now and give her a follow so you don’t miss it. I’ll see you there!


So it turns out we do need SOME rules. It's fine to continue an active project or revive a dead one as your jam. If you do that just let us know the details of where you where when you started and where you ended up.

It is not okay to simply submit and old project as a jam entry. I know it's tough to get noticed, but spamming a jam isn't the way. I'm sorry. I will remove your entry if I believe this is what you're doing. 


Rules!? Us?!

This isn't a rated jam, so we don't have a problem with you using the time to continue an active project, especially if you think it works well with one of the jam themes.  We'd just ask that you let everyone know what you had going in so we can see what you did during the jam.  Oh, and don't work yourself to death! Your work is yours to continue after the jam to, of course.

I'll add a spot in the submission form for you to mention any pre-work.

I'm all for it! :)

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Hi all. The good folks at Bit Bridge have generously offered us the use of their discord server for the duration of the jam. Bit Bridge is a group for indie game developers in the Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A. area. They’re a friendly and knowledgeable bunch so pop in and introduce yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’ve got two channels #not-gdc-jam for gamedev related serious times and #not-gdc-jam-social for whatever else. Come on in, be nice, have fun, and jam on.

Update: we're now on the official notGDC discord.

Not into doing this on your own? That's cool. Post what you'd like to do or what skills your seeking to pick up for your team here. Good luck. Be nice. Have fun!