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What Is This?

     HEY YOU!  You ever play Atari!?  OF COURSE NOT!  You're probably like 18 or something.  You don't even know what an Atari is.  Well let me tell you boy, this old console's got a CRAZY number of games.  Only problem is they're old, and you're not.  So let's fix that!  In this game jam, you must reimagine any Atari 2600 game of your choice.  Your job is to show me what an Atari game of your choice would look like if you made it today.  Every entry submitted to this game jam will be played LIVE on Highsight's gaming channel on Twitch.  Your game will be given a ranking by Highsight, and will be critiqued to the best of his (and most likely his audience's) ability.  NO SKILL REQUIRED FOR THIS GAME JAM.  JUST HAVE FUN!


  • For your game to qualify you must show an attempt to reimagine the gameplay mechanics of at least 1 Atari 2600 game. A list of applicable games you can choose from can be found here: You are free to select any game in that list under the "Games published by Atari and Sears" or "Games published by third parties" lists.
  • You will be required to tell me what game you choose to reimagine in your submission.
  • You are NOT limited by the Atari's graphics, sounds or control schemes.
  • You may NOT use ripped sprites or sounds from Atari games.  All assets must be original.
  • You may use whatever tools or game engines you'd like to create this game.
  • You may NOT participate in a team of more than 3 people.
  • All teammates must be listed in the project's credits.
  • You must come up with an original name for your game.  Do not give it the same name as the game you based it off of.
  • For your game to qualify, you MUST rate at least 3 other participant's games.