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Absolutely wonderful. I really respect what you've done here, and you kept my attention the whole way through, and that's to someone who doesn't read stories too much anymore. I'm glad you made this, after a long day for me this was...tranquil? Calming? Something like that. Thanks. \.o./


Likin' that monochrome aesthetic to it, nice. :p

I'm garbage at breakout though, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it! Great work. \.o./

Ayy, thank you! I'm glad you could enjoy the game. You can probably see sound is more of my thing compared to programming or art, right? :p I guess either way the power of block coding in GMS managed to save me throughout the jam, haha. I would have liked to fix things like the camera when spinning, but that was wayy beyond me. But hey, there's always next time! :>

Truly a spicy game. This could definitely be a mobile game if it was adapted - it seems like the type of game that'd work well on those screens if the controls could get on there. I still need to better my reaction time, though, so I can save more than just the spaghet. :p


Simple, but fun! I like the added things here. :> Though, I feel that maybe more could have been added to differ from the original. But hey, that's just me. Great work either way! \.o./

I'm not exactly the best at CC, but I gotta say, what you have here really is nice. Though, I feel like having sound in the game in some form would really do it justice - that, and I think load times? Maybe it was just on my end with my Quality(tm) computer, but in some cases, like with dragons, I could go right through them without being hurt, only then when I got hit again I would spawn back a few seconds later.

Enough complaining from me though - you did nice!! Good job. :>