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Death FlushView game page

Will this trip to the bathroom be your last?
Submitted by Impostersyndrome (@impsynd) — 36 minutes, 43 seconds before the deadline
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impostersyndrome is a really nice developer and creator I hope he posts a new game soon 


I can't play it make it like fnf 

why doed everybody get to play then


Thank you for making this. This was amazing. The perfect blend of scary and funny. The campy voiceovers were hilarious and I got spooked at times while still laughing my head off. Damn good job on this. I'm gonna upload my playthrough of it at some point. Can't wait to see what you work on next. 

My video on Death Flush.


Blending horror and humour in video games does not get done that much. I had such a good time playing this game! and i am really interested to see what comes out of imposter syndrome next.
You did a great job on this, its very polished and really effective in its scares and laughs.
To anyone reading this! Play it! you won;t regret it.


The ammount of effort put on such a silly idea is actually impressive, and on top the graphics and art style are well done, especially the "fever dream" parts. Also really liked that it did not take itself seriously, made it more unique.
Only critique i can think of is that the final boss hitbox is kinda weird. But overall I really liked it, congrats!


This game was a super weird fever dream and I absolutely loved the humor and cheesy slasher vibe to it! My only complaint was that the ending boss battle was pretty clunky/maybe bugged? The killer's hurtbox should definitely be more forgiving or something (only like 1/20 swings would ever actually "hit"), as I eventually had to cheese out the ending by finding a spot where the killer got stuck so I could swing at him freely without dying. But besides that, I thought this was super fun, so great job!


Love all the animations and voice over, campy in all the right ways!