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I am the jukemeister and loved every moment becoming it. 10 dead stars 

hell yeah! these updates add that little bit more smoothness to the game. 

David Puato has proven to me with his track record for producing  creative, short and well optimised games in the past.

THEY GROW is the run and gun sci-fi horror CHERRY ON TOP.

A challenging and fun game that makes YOU  as the player learn the controls and master them.
encouraging you to be quick with the trigger to avoid the monsters further mutating.

fantastic music that really pulls you into the world! 

I loved my time with this game.

Like puato's other games he leaves me wanting more! 

A wonderful experience! David puato strikes again with another excellent demonstration of his talent as an indie dev

The game is short but a very smooth and enjoyable experience with some great musical ques and sound effects. The controls were a bit unusual but i think they totally work with the style of game. 

I would like to see this style explored more by the dev Davide puato.

Thanks for a great experience. 

A really fun game that tells an interesting story. Its short but compelling. I had a great time with The last utopi.

Blending horror and humour in video games does not get done that much. I had such a good time playing this game! and i am really interested to see what comes out of imposter syndrome next.
You did a great job on this, its very polished and really effective in its scares and laughs.
To anyone reading this! Play it! you won;t regret it.

Really cool perspective and i played it twice to see if i could change anything. This is an excellent little experience. I want to see more like this. Could have been a few more scares. But the ones here are well executed., 

An amazing use of architecture! i have played this game a few times and really love how polished it is. You did a terrific job building the suspense and THE ASMR style sound desing towards the final loop! oh its so unnerving and eerie.

This gave me a sense of dread as i walked its corridors. The enemies are genuinely terrifying  and the  sound design in this game really sucked me in! What  a terrific taste of things to come. 

A really fun game that left me wanting more! The cryptic nature of the story telling combined with an effective art style really drive up the intrigue. Thanks for this gift ZIK! can;t wait to see whats next.

A short but sweet experience.
This game  leaves an astounding impact in little time.
The  restricted movement and one mechanic to master delivers an interesting player experience.
I am really hyped to see whats next for abstitial .