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Otherworld Television

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I really enjoyed this demo, it's a really fun concept that takes the way games like pokemon are easy to understand and hard to master but adds a really unique flavor to it with the vaporwave look and feel.

Really looking forward to the full release, I can see a huge potential if it the core concepts are expanded upon.

Enjoyed the game and the story, there was a bug that occured when you release the prisoner when trying to escape. There was also a bug (maybe it was intentional) where the monster would appear from outside of the screen view and cause a game over.

Still a very good game and if those minor bugs would be polished away it would be great.

Played the actual demo now and it was pretty fun, I wish that it was a little longer but I'll have to wait till the full release.

Avicenna is OP as hell with his 40 OT attack.

I enjoyed the Prologue segment a lot and I'll make the actual demo story a seperate video.

I like that it can get crazy hard in some battles with them actually aiming to take out the one person that can heal the others (or at least it feels that way) as well as one shotting your team if you don't debuff them quick enough.

I miss JRPG's that punish you immediately if you don't abuse the mechanics in the game, SMT Nocturne comes to mind with the press turn system where even bosses would abuse it.

I feel like this could be a big hit with people that like shonen anime and really hard JRPG's.

Great little demo, I hope the kickstarter goes well.

Great little demo, I hope that the full release comes soon because I really want to know more about the story.

Enjoyed it a lot, pretty long for an rpgmaker horror game as well (2.5 hours in my case to 100% it and see all the endings). Hoping you'll make more games like this in the future because I'll always enjoy playing horror rpgmaker games.

I really liked the puzzles that are in this game, makes it feel a little like how Silent Hill had its puzzles.

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Slightly confusing gameplay for those that don't know a whole lot about coffee or being a barista in general. It did remind me of VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action which is a great game. I do love the fantasy setting and the artstyle, it's very pretty.

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This game looks lovely and I love the PC-88/98 aesthetic that you've given it, with the smaller window in the middle of the screen to show scene changes for example.

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A very enjoyable RPG maker horror game but I don't think there's an ending to it as of yet (at least I couldn't progress at the end of my run). Looking forward to being able to play the completed version.


The dev contacted me that I didn't solve the final puzzle correctly (he gave me a nice hint in order to solve it) and I had another go at it to finish it up properly. 

I thankfully wasn't that far off and the only thing that threw me off was that the door where the final puzzle is at locks you out if you exit it before solving the puzzle correctly. 

Please enjoy the proper ending to my Entangled playthrough.

I loved all the little homages to Silent Hill 2 and I'm definitely looking forward to the chapter 2 demo that's coming out soon.

If this ever becomes a full length game I'd love to hear it, the atmosphere was just perfect for the kinds of games that I love to play.

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I liked how the map and journal mechanics fleshed out the story and the overal feeling of the game, although I wish it was a little longer. It feels like there should be more story to it and the game ends when you finally get into it, still a very enjoyable experience however.

I really enjoyed playing this one, it really captures the tense feeling that Junji Ito has in his mangas.

I love the weird and unique setting of the game.

I loved the unique style of it and the creepy story it told.

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I loved all the little details in the bookcases to Lovecrafts stories, the visual style is also really nice to look at and make it feels just that little bit different from games that are similar.

I hope you'll make more games like these, I really enjoyed playing it.

Made a video of the demo, I really enjoyed it and was wondering if there are any plans into making it into a full length game ? 

It reminded me a lot of Silent hill with the shorter draw distance and the fog usage. I really love the ps1 styled graphics, it makes it feel that much spookier.

Looking forward to what you'll make in the future.