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Do you have what it takes to win the Hanks League card tournament?
Submitted by L. Spikes — 1 hour, 31 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
You've Got Hanks: For most Tom Hanks#53.0003.000
Catch Me If You Can : For the most fun game#62.6252.625
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close : For best audio#63.2503.250
Mamma Mia! : For most polished entry#63.3753.375
Punchline : For most humorous / weird game#102.5002.500
Turner & Hootch : For best looking game#102.7502.750
He Knows You're Alone : For best game by a solo participant#122.2502.250

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What's your favorite movie starring America's Favorite Actor Tom Hanks?
Road to Perdition

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(x/post) Triple Triad in RPG Maker.  I didn't spend too much on this one (or, actually I did and didn't make much progress) as I wasn't sure how much of it was originally coded or anything and it seemed like a lot of work just to see how the narrative was going.  I think it needed more carrot and a better way to tie into the theme (along with a faster way to progress).  Seemed to be fine if you want to play a bit of Triple Triad through RPG Maker though!


Thanks for checking out the game and taking the time to comment. Hopefully you'll revisit it sometime to see more of the story.



  • Impressively broad
  • Simple yet well explored puzzle design
  • Whole buncha art and dialogue


  • In general a bit slow (dialog option for accepting a match takes seconds to show)
  • Whole lotta RPG maker stuff that isn't used yet remains in-game


I had to read the game page which isn't visible through these jam pages (Why, itch, why?) in order to realize how to play. After I got it though, it was good. There's a lot here in terms of raw content with dialogue and art for the intro/cutscene stuff. I loved the cameos, though I admit I have no clue who Barb is. I played a handful of random NPCs, never once getting to go first, and then realized the Convention Center was where I needed to go. I beat a couple people there then started the finale. I beat Hanks first try thanks to accidentally deft strategy. But then tragedy. I went to hit PrtSc to take a screenshot but instead accidentally hit F12. Because fate is a horrible demon, this resets the game. I hadn't saved, and attempted to start over, but as of right now I'm too annoyed with myself. I'll give it another go to see the ending, but in the meantime, very well done. It's an interesting idea for a puzzle/card game, though the 3x3 board feels a bit small, there's little in the way of shifting momentum or building to more complex strategy, but for a jam game it's a neat experience and the fact that there are rule variations bring a lot to the table, no pun intended.


Thanks for checking out the game, and I appreciate your feedback. 

Concerning the pace of the dialogue when accepting a match, I hope the delays didn't affect your enjoyment of the game too much. I ran into an issue with RPG Maker that I wasn't able to work out smoothly during testing. The engine needs time to process things and requires you to use wait commands before executing the branches that trigger the conditions for the card game. If you don't use them, it's basically a coin toss as to whether the game reaches the right conclusion about who wins the match. The only way I found to get things straightened out was to extend the wait time, which, unfortunately, slows down the flow of the dialogue.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment. I had fun putting this project together, and it really means a lot when others seem to enjoy it. I hope you're able to get that victory screenshot next time.


I can't tell if I'm just dumb, but I can't find anyone to fight with! The only way I can find to progress is to talk to the guys from the beginning? But then they put you against people who seem to be really out of your league at the beginning. 



Sorry if the key configuration isn't clear. I added a description of the commands to the game's profile page. Thank you for pointing this out, since I'm sure others might be having a similar problem. I really appreciate you checking out the game, and I hope you enjoy it going forward.