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A Crow's Quest to World DominationView game page

A 3rd person 3D game about an evil crow that wants to rule the world. You can also poop!
Submitted by Bird Watchers (@ACrowsQuestToW1) — 24 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Presentation (itch listing)#33.4443.444
Innovation / Experimentation#73.3333.333
Game Play / Game Feel#103.2223.222
Level Design#152.6672.667
Art Direction#163.3333.333

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • Love this concept, the world needs more games about annoying birds :) The flying speed is really too slow, there should be a way to accelerate. Also, it was a bit surprising that my pecking of a human's head leads to their death; perhaps pecking their head makes them drop something that I then take back to the nest?
  • For the positive: It looks and sounds great, animations looks good as well. The level is populated with enough assets to make you want to explore it a bit. Just the concept of it this game is amazing and would do well with the right marketing. For the constructive feedback: There are some redundant controls like clicking to target, then swoop and then peck. That could have been one button. It has the base mechanics for something great but right now you aren't using them much. You need the puzzle aspect for this game to reach its full potential. Maybe you need to poop on people to make them take of their hats so that you can kill them. Poop in the ice cream cart for people to get sick so they need to use the public restroom etc. I see that you have thought of it through the boss and the need to use other mechanics on him. Overall great work! On the itch presentation side you have a great color scheme and you manage to make the game look like something I want to try. The only think I would think about is to condense it a bit. It does not have to be an entire tutorial and you should have to scroll for so long to find a download link.
  • This is good stuff. It's like goose game but with murder. I suggest leaning more heavily into the spectacle of harassing people, and perhaps removing features that do not add to that - such as health etc. We spoke in your booth!
  • This is the first game this year that made me laugh out loud, I really enjoyed the (up to date) comedy about certain targets, and also thank you for remembering the worst guy in the world, Ross Geller. It felt very satisfactory to be able to hack him to pieces. The controls are a bit clunky, unfortunately, I mentioned this to you in the booth as well - there's some sort of state glitch where I can't take off with the skull as I pick it up, but the basics of this game is delightful, fun and entertaining. The free roaming is nice, I feel that maybe I should be able to turn quicker as a crow, but still, very nice. A round of applause from me!
  • Nicely done to the Crow team! The game is a very unique kind of experience. Flying around and murdering people as a crow set on world domination is something I've never played before! The game plays okay, and the main interactions work out, however, it does tend to be a bit buggy and the flying itself would have needed a bit more polish to smooth it out. The mechanics of the game are interesting! You peck people to kill them, get skulls, place skull in the nest, and occasionally poop on civilians. Artstyle wise I think you have managed to create a cute and funny style. The map and level is huge, and allows for some exploration, which feels very nice when you are playing as a bird! Good job guys!
  • It was all going well until I got stuck after attacking the wrong person.
  • Great game! You have been focusing on the correct things it seems. Simple mechanics and the build upon that. Also seems quite polished which is awesome! I can also see this on multiple platforms but might be best for the mobile platform, so nice to tap the screen when you peck someone's head :D Great presentation on the itch page!

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Very fun concept, really good delivery! It shows that you put a lot of effort into making this game funny as well.

I'm a sucker for extra objectives, and the ability to be "extra evil" made this game twice as fun! This is a great concept, and it honestly felt like it was just the first level of many more.

Movement was a bit unintuitive, and maneuvering around wasn't as smooth as I would've liked. Pooping was hard to aim, but hitboxes were very forgiving, which made up for it.

Cawing seems like an underwhelming ability to have, since there is no purpose to it unless one of your extra objectives asks you to do it (but it's still optional).

I read the diary before starting the game, which made me enjoy the the game a lot more. If you don't want people to miss it, I would suggest to make it mandatory (with the possibility to skip it) before starting the game.

Overall, I had a good laugh, and I had a good time playing. Great job!


Nice little concept of a game! I think this is a good start and as Bartle mentioned, the controls felt pretty solid!


Thank you! We are really happy to hear that! <3


Oooh wee! This game is awesome!

Developer (2 edits)

Happy that you liked it!! If you want to vote for us in Gather Town we would be so happy!

It's simple! You click on the link, create you avatar and then follow the pink ballons and signs to a people choice carpet. When you find it you press X and then you can vote!

Thank you Patel_and_Raul!

/The Bird Watchers

Jam Judge(+1)

I was doing fine until I attacked someone not on the list, whereupon I was stuck on their head unable to move. Interesting controls that were smooth once I got used to them.


Hi Richard! Thanks for playing our game!

Hmm, it seems you may have encounter a bugg unfortunately. Thank you for letting us know and we'll try to solve it as quick as possible!

Glad you like our controls!


/Team Bird Watchers

Jam Judge(+1)

If it helps, it happened before but I managed to escape by clicking on someone who was a target, whereupon the crow rocketed off to the new target and left the one I was stuck on. I couldn't do this if there was no new target in range, though.


Yeah we had 2 others encounter the same and thanks to you guys we found out why and fixed it! So you are very welcome back and try it again if you want and have the time! 

Again thank you so much for letting us know, it really helps us to fix the bugs quick! 

/Team Bird Watchers