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I was doing fine until I attacked someone not on the list, whereupon I was stuck on their head unable to move. Interesting controls that were smooth once I got used to them.

Hi Richard! Thanks for playing our game!

Hmm, it seems you may have encounter a bugg unfortunately. Thank you for letting us know and we'll try to solve it as quick as possible!

Glad you like our controls!


/Team Bird Watchers


If it helps, it happened before but I managed to escape by clicking on someone who was a target, whereupon the crow rocketed off to the new target and left the one I was stuck on. I couldn't do this if there was no new target in range, though.

Yeah we had 2 others encounter the same and thanks to you guys we found out why and fixed it! So you are very welcome back and try it again if you want and have the time! 

Again thank you so much for letting us know, it really helps us to fix the bugs quick! 

/Team Bird Watchers