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Very fun concept, really good delivery! It shows that you put a lot of effort into making this game funny as well.

I'm a sucker for extra objectives, and the ability to be "extra evil" made this game twice as fun! This is a great concept, and it honestly felt like it was just the first level of many more.

Movement was a bit unintuitive, and maneuvering around wasn't as smooth as I would've liked. Pooping was hard to aim, but hitboxes were very forgiving, which made up for it.

Cawing seems like an underwhelming ability to have, since there is no purpose to it unless one of your extra objectives asks you to do it (but it's still optional).

I read the diary before starting the game, which made me enjoy the the game a lot more. If you don't want people to miss it, I would suggest to make it mandatory (with the possibility to skip it) before starting the game.

Overall, I had a good laugh, and I had a good time playing. Great job!