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Organic InsurgenceView game page

Project for Godot Wild Game Jam 22
Submitted by CoffeeF0x, Zacksly (@_Zacksly) — 43 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version


Game Description
Free the citizens from the tyranny of The Mechanism

Discord Username
CoffeeF0x_, zachsback21

Participation Level (GWJ)
My second Godot Wild Jam

Jam Time
My second game jam

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Cool mixture of 2D and 3D.


I don't know if you're planning to continue this, but it's a really great start! I liked the art, and the world building. The camera in the dungeon was really nice, I like how it zoomed in and out in a natural way. Combat was tricky, though, it was hard to tell where I was attacking. Nice job on the procedural dungeons! I don't know if the items are procedural too? I picked up a sword with great attack, but the most absurdly long cooldown - I figured that had to be from an RNG. :-)

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Thank you guys, I felt a very strong nostalgia playing this game cause it reminded of my youth, when I spent a lot of time playing Ragnarok Online. The starting city, the music, and the 2.5D art - it all returned me back to those good old days :) Don't know whether RO has influenced you in any way, but it is really cool :)

Hm. Mac export seems to be borked.


3D environment but 2D paperworked characters - very much reminds me of Paper Mario - but pixelated. The art is likable!


Thoroughly enjoyable. I had a bit of trouble attacking to the side, but otherwise it handled perfectly. I really like the way the camera pans up when someone is too close to see over. I wasn't really clear on what was special about the white enemies, but the short runs meant that when I messed up the boss I was willing to give it another go :)


Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! The buffed white bots defend the loot rooms and the boss room. There is a chance they'll move from that room if they're trying to attack.


In-game lore wise the white enemies are guards. So they guard the loot room and the bosses. They attack faster, have more health and have the option of doing both a melee and ranged attack.

Yeah, the same :) Wanted to rerun it over and over again :)