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Shooting is your only means of moving!
Submitted by omarshehata

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We tied shooting to movement. All you can do is shoot. A successful hit swaps your location with whatever you hit (an enemy, a rock, or your own bullet).

This means your ammo serves as both a way to attack, and "fuel" for movement. It forces the player to think creatively about whether they want to use their limited bullets to actually try to kill other players and win, or use to maneuver around/escape environment hazards.

Third-party resources
We used Phaser as our HTML5 game framework.

PLEASE SEE GAME PAGE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PLAY. The download is just the source code. The game itself is running on my server (link and instructions on:

Omar Shehata - programming
Isaac Cortissoz - art

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I admit, the game is tough to test! But as a proof of concept, it gives some interesting ideas. Having to hit something to move gives a special dynamic to the action. While the differences between types of projectiles make the game a bit unequal to some players, it could lead to interesting strategies with a character selection menu.

The thing that bugged me most (no pun intended) (wait, who am I kidding, it's 100% no accident) is the lack of feedback in movements. The burst of smoke isn't really satisfying, and gives the impression of an accidental teleport.

But a multiplayer online game is quite ambitious for a jam. And for what it is, it seems to have a good balance overall!


Thanks for the thorough feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time to test our game! 

That's good to know that the feedback on teleportation is lacking.  One idea I think that would make this really obvious is if the game froze when there was a successful hit, and there was a comical, physical swapping of the two characters (like you'd see them being moved across the space so it's not as jarring). It would also help slow down the pace of the game a bit since I noticed it can become just a game about how fast you can click to shoot. 

Got problems loading your game. You should make it playable directly in the browser via (there's a checkbox for that in the submission page).

Developer (1 edit)

Hey, thanks for letting me know!

Can you please tell me what problems you got? I don't actually see a way to embed the game on, because it's running an online server.

Did you try the link in the instructions on the game page? Did that not work for you?