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A jam entry

MormaniacView game page »

Save sinners by killing them with Bibles!
Submitted by LaLonde (@lalondejack) with 5 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline

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Throwing bibles kills enemies and also makes you lighter, while picking them up increases health but decreases speed/jump height.

Third-party resources
Unity Personal Edition

Programming/Production: Jack LaLonde
Music: Max O'Meara and Jack LaLonde
Art: Stephen Pipilas and Jack LaLonde

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Pretty funny concept. I appreciate that the ammo slows you down. I found it a bit difficult to see the bibles, though, considering they're small and the background is dark.

Interesting game... Never really felt the need to jump, as all I had to do was throw bibles forward constantly until I broke boxes and converted people, then pick up the bibles again. Also, the shooting options are odd; when I use the mouse, I expect the bible to fly towards where the mouse is facing, but it shoots where the player is facing. And spamming with the shift key = StickyKeys. And a bit sad they don't tell you your final score! Still, not a bad game~


Thanks for playing it!  Yeah, I was kind of rushing at the last minute to try and get a decent difficulty in the game, but I missed some little things that would've helped make it feel better.