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My entry for the GMTK Gamejam. A small proof-of-concept for a game idea I hope to flesh out one day.
Submitted by crdlpls — 14 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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How does your submission match the theme?
With the theme Dual Purpose Design, I created a proof-of-concept for a platformer. It's about you visiting a therapist to help you deal with the death of your father.

The key is, that the conversation advanced based on what platforms you choose to land on. In this way, the gameplay and the story are linked, and in a complete game, the platforms would not be seen as just advancing the gameplay, but advancing the narrative as well. It's not often that 2D platforms have complex stories or narratives, and I felt like this was the next step in that evolution, dynamic narratives depending on the choices that you make.

Third-party resources
Music is Bittersweet by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

SFML Multimedia Library -

Sound Effects from BFXR -

Font is VCR OSD Mono by Riciery Leal

Daniel Cordell ( - Solo developer and tester.

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I like it a lot. first I was thinking the game talks to me but then I realize that the game talks to the player I'm controlling so for me it's a great point. As pointed by Moon Light Games, the mechanic is lacking of a real twist which will link perfectly the gameplay and the narration. But othewise it is a really interesting way to revisit the genre of visual novel. I have to admit that I  try a lot of "paths" in order to see how deep your writing will be. Of course because it is a game jam game, it is not so mature but the fact that you're talking to a psychologist surprised me.

Good job, and I'm interested by an eventual derived game from this prototype.

Submitted (3 edits)

The idea seems really great, but this prototype is a little lacking in gameplay. As you said, this mechanic is meant to link together the story and the gameplay, but atm it feels like an interactive menu...

I liked how the choices that would be the most difficult were higher, thus making you jump higher for them, but at the same time, pushing a button for half a second longer doesn't really have the effect it could as opposed to there beeing different paths on which the player could go and the ones for the more difficult questions would be harder to traverse...

Anyhow, it'll be quite interesting to see this implemented in a more complete game.


Yeah, I wish I had more time to make it into something serviceable, but I rushed through it hoping to just get something done by the deadline, and I was busy for one of the days anyway, so it was tough to finish to say the least.

Talking about the jumping and button pushing based on length, I WANTED to implement something like that, but the funny thing is, the heights are completely random! I was running out of time and I'd rather it LOOKED like it had meaning (so someone could find meaning if they wanted) rather than them all being equal heights, and same with the colours. In a full game, it could be used for things like dynamically adjusting difficulty based on paths that you choose, or moulding the game around a specific playstyle/archetype. Also for dynamically adjusting the story based on the type of character you choose to be. But I'm glad you saw something anyway!

Thanks for the feedback!


I normally try to give some proper critique, but... I'm not entirely sure what I just played. It certainly was interesting, though~


Thanks, interesting is what I was going for.