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Yeah, I wish I had more time to make it into something serviceable, but I rushed through it hoping to just get something done by the deadline, and I was busy for one of the days anyway, so it was tough to finish to say the least.

Talking about the jumping and button pushing based on length, I WANTED to implement something like that, but the funny thing is, the heights are completely random! I was running out of time and I'd rather it LOOKED like it had meaning (so someone could find meaning if they wanted) rather than them all being equal heights, and same with the colours. In a full game, it could be used for things like dynamically adjusting difficulty based on paths that you choose, or moulding the game around a specific playstyle/archetype. Also for dynamically adjusting the story based on the type of character you choose to be. But I'm glad you saw something anyway!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, interesting is what I was going for.

Thanks! I'm gonna add the jumping thing to the list of controls.