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Dice KnightView game page

Rogue-like 2D game where you must save your princess
Submitted by ReyGameDev (@ReyGameDev) — 3 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Your character movement and damage based on the number shown on the dice

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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Great presentation in terms of visual design and general progression through a world, and the basic functionality is all there. Unfortunately, as a lot of others seem to be saying, this is just not very fun. The player has literally no agency, simply watching repetitive things unfold as you click.

This is a great base to make a bigger RPG-like game out of, if you wanted to extend this, but you'd have to make some sort of new gameplay system to keep the player's interest, more decisions that you have to make. Even simple decisions can compound into an interesting overall experience, but as your game stands now there's literally no choice at all.


Thank you, I appreciate your feedback :D


Not bad, maybe you could keep the dice mechanic just for the fights and let the player move freely. You could also add some sort of dice minigames along the way so you can recover hp or gain powerups that will help you on the game. 


Thank you, I appreciate your feedback! :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Good potential!

What I liked?

- The visuals which are nice and coherent

- The Dice usage idea for movement and fights

Other comments:

- In future if you work on this project, I recommend to push more for the Dice mechanic in order to give more control to your game, like giving choices for the player (examples):

-- When you do a throw for movement, it will allow for the Player to choose directly a destination linked to the dice number

-- In Fights, your dice number throw will allow to choose between several attacks, for example if you do a "one", you will be able to choose between weak attacks, whereas a "six" will give you the possibility to choose powerful attacks.

I hope that my feedback will help you!


Thank you! I really liked your idea! :D


Love the polish!  The music is absolutely fantastic, and the graphics are great.  I was surprised at how big the map was!

48 hours is NOT a long time at all to make ANYTHING let alone a game, so great work on even finishing!

If you were to continue working on it here's what I would suggest...

-A straight linear game like this  I think could be done, but it'd have to be surrounded by an incredible story.

-You could also go the route of making a more interactive experience for the player.  Give me some decisions to make... maybe there's a fork in the road and I have to choose which way to go... Maybe during the battles, I have a second dice that I can roll to heal.  I lost in the graveyard and didn't have a whole lot of incentive to replay because I didn't have any control over what happened.

-clicking the dice on the corner to roll is fine, but for a bit I was confused why my player was only moving a few squares when I thought I had rolled a 6.  That's just what the roll icon always displays.  I even got confused again later after I had already realized this.

-I had some kind of bug the first time I loaded up where the buttons didn't display so I couldn't start the game.

Overall, I think you have a great foundation for a game here and I could see it becoming super fun if you keep at it!


Thank you AIA! Great feedback! I really appreciate that  :D


Autoclicker Simulator 2022

The presentation is great but gameplay is literally nonexistent, all you do is click on a dice button.


I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the game. I wish I can do better :)


I wish I could call it a playable game, but I can't.


  • There's NO interaction of the player with the in-game world. All I do as a player is just click one button to continue - I am not given any freedom, I am just spectating for the numbers I get.
  • Poor battle/health design. The main character is simply buffed and has a lot of HP - and that's the only difference between the player character and the enemies. Even giving a choice to either deal damage or restore hp on each turn would give at least some interactability.
  • Restarting the game from the beginning does not make a game rogue-like - it's just an absence of checkpoints/saves.

I hope it helps. All the best!


Thank you. I highly appreciate all your feedbacks! :D


The art is really cool, it's just a shame there's not much actual gameplay.


Thank you! :D

Deleted 83 days ago

Thank you for your feedback! :D


Very boring, gameplay is literally clicking one button.


I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the game. I'll do my best next time! :)


Nice Retro game


Thank you! :D