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You almost got it haha, round 5 is the last round

The idea is to match the dice of the card, not necessarily in the same position, for each hit you get 1 point

Thanks for playing my game :)

Si, debes intentar igualar las caras de los dados, por cada acierto obtienes un punto y debes intentar llegar a 10 puntos cada ronda, pero es cuestión de suerte, lo más que puedes hacer es usar sabiamente las oportunidades de volver a tirar los dados y arriesgarte a usar el dado grande que tiene la posibilidad de darte más cartas. 

Thank you so much!  c:

It's ok c:, as long as you make sure to mention my game as the source of inspiration there is no problem. 

Hahaha nice, just in time xD

Thank you for playing! 

No, it's has 4/6 chances to get 1 extra card, 1/6 to lose 1 card and 1/6 to lose 1 point. 

Because it is a 6 sided die with 4 equal faces. 

And 4/6 ≈ 0,66 so it is in fact 66,6% and I think this is funny because of the number of the beast XD. 

Yes! You did it :)

Thank you! 

And thank you for playing it :)

Thank you! 

Yeah, it is in fact random, but I'm working on it to make it more interactive and fun :) 

And the nose is the best part haha

Thank you for playing! 

Thank you! 

Thank you! :D

Thank you! :D

Thank you!

And thank you for the feed back, I will do something to improve the gameplay!

That last level was very hard haha, love this game a lot!

It is my favorite at the moment :)

Just one suggestion, I struggle a bit with the rotation and the skills keys because they are quite close to each other, maybe you could change the rotation keys for other like i and o or something else far from wasd.

Yes, I'm already working on it, just need a good idea to make it more interactive.

Thanks for playing! :) 

Pretty good!

Love the art, great music and very original idea.

Just need a tutorial or maybe make the arrow buttons more obvious.

Pretty nice game!

I like it a lot, I have some suggestions:

You could let the players choose if they want to leave an empty spot in beetwen actions, so there will have more strategy involved.

You could add an undo button because sometimes I missclicked or I wanted to make a change and it was kind of frustrating not being able to change my actions.

Also I think the game over screen don't work right, I couldn't press the buttons.

Not bad, maybe you could keep the dice mechanic just for the fights and let the player move freely. You could also add some sort of dice minigames along the way so you can recover hp or gain powerups that will help you on the game. 

Thank you for the suggestion! 

Yeah, the gameplay it is not the best part haha, but I already have a good idea for make it more interactive, so it will be more fun! 

Thank you! Yes, I am already working on someting to make the gameplay more fun :) 

Thanks for playing!

I have a suggestion for your game, I really like the idea and the puzzle element, but the time limit is something that I feel kill the enjoyment, maybe you could consider removing the time limit and creating some kind of award for solving the level with certain amount of movements, but letting the players complete the level no matter how many moves they made, that will make the game more fun. :)

Ha ha , yeah I managed to make a very scary scenary but the gameplay is not the best part, but I'm already working in improve it :)

Thank you for playing!

Yes, I'm already working on making the gameplay more interactive so when the jam is over update the game :) 

Thanks for the suggestion :), I'm thinking of what to add for make it more interactive, and I like that idea, thank you for playing! 

Are you still trying? o.0

It is very unlikely to win, it is just a matter of luck.

But I'm already working on improving the game, to be able to play with the odds and make it more interactive and fun.

You can try other games from the game jam while waiting for the game to be updated :) 

Thank you! Yes, I am already working on someting to make the gameplay more fun :) 

Yes, I think the same, I want to make it more interactive, and upload it again when the jam is over, but first I need to come up with ideas on how to do it haha 

Thank you for playing :) 

You are welcome :)

Thank you ^^

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Very fun to play. Didn't get the coin idea at first, maybe some tutorial for the future will help to new players :) 

Very fun to play ^^

Drugs?? Nah I roll the dice baby!

Those "aha" moments are what show that this game was very well designed.

Very fun to play :) 

Wow, I think the far I could get was 7 ha ha 

I will be really surprised if someone makes it to the final round. 

Thank you for playing ^^

Thank you ^^

I wonder if someone will get to the final round, its feel so impossible to me xD

Thank you ^^

Thank you ^^

Thank you ^^

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Obviously the most important feature in the game :)

Edit: I think I sounded sarcastic, I really think it's the most important feature in the game, no joke ha ha

Thank you! ^^