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A Metroidvania, but you can't move left
Submitted by chridd (@chrideedee) — 12 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
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Really cool design. A few of the jumps were a bit punishing, since if you mess up even a little you have to replay a minute or so to get back, and I agree that the gravity song gets annoying, but I liked the main information mechanic a lot. Playing music to unlock new abilities reminded me of Aquaria.

beuatiful concept and certsinly addictive. Not boring at all

Cool idea! I like all the alternating paths and the concept makes you think through everything you do before you do it, which leads to a lot of critical thinking.

great idea


Every time I collect the second piece of music I die immediately before I can read it, even though there is nothing there that should be killing me.  


Oops, looks like one of the last changes I made broke things.  I messed up the test of whether you went off the bottom of the screen.



I think there's  a lot here that's great.  But once you knew how to jump farther, stopping to play the song every jump became a frustration, slowing the game down.  Also, I got  completely stuck and had no way of restarting the game when I got to a wall on the top.

I really liked that you have access to all of the songs from the beginning, though only after you got the harp and that by replaying you could get access to areas you didn't know you could get to before.  Reminds me of Toki Tori.

Z to jump is strange.  I understand that on other keyboards, such as German, it is above the S, but I didn't realize that you could change it for a while.  I do like that you put that option in there.  That was a nice touch.

Good job all around, though!

Developer (2 edits)

Stopping to play the song: Yeah, I realized that when it was too late for me to change it.

Z to jump: I'm pretty sure most other computer platformers I've played use that as well.  (E.g., Freedom Planet has Z=jump, X=attack, C=special by default.)  If your browser supports it, it goes by location on your keyboard, so the key to the right of the left shift key will be jump, even on a German, Dvorak, etc.

Edit to add: Oh, and Z is intended to be used with the arrow keys.  If you're using WASD, J might work better (control scheme from the Distorted Travesty series).


Found the mechanic with the harp interesting

needs more polish and the character is too far left which is a little bit annoying but otherwise ok

i found him to be more fascist but hey.


neat use of the death mechanic