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Teasers: Game Previews

A topic by Jwillc created Dec 22, 2018 Views: 183 Replies: 21
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Can we post game teasers? Not a playable game but screenshots or videos?

If so, post what you're working on. I'll put a video up if this is allowed.

Here's my project Swimmy Fish:

You can guess from the name what it's based on. Point is to stay alive, eat worms, avoid fishermen and spears. Keep your mood chill and travel as far as possible. Still need to add a menu and balance some things. Feel free to add brutal criticisms, without breaking the rules of course. 


We could use this thread to do that :D. I think that would be a great idea as it could allow inspiration to others.


I agree and feedback is always a good thing.


Yep, previews are perfectly fine! And yeah, as long as it's constructive giving feedback should be acceptable too.

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If it isn't apparent you control an ice cube man/boy. I have basic movement down and a freeze ray setup... a lot more to do though :O




Looks like a nice start, movement looks really smooth.


I'm still working on it and trying to get the finishing touch done soon, I haven't got a name for it yet for now I just call it Chill Out. I didn't want to show too much just were it's at now, I want to get it done by Christmas because it's a Christmas game hopefully it's done in time, I would love suggestions or ideas for the game!


Nice. Retro graphics are on point.


Thanks! I appreciate you're kindness.


@Jwillc Before I say anything because I need to be sure, how long have you been making games for?

then I can give you criticisms


I've been coding for awhile, not made too many games. The two for the Flappy Jam in my profile, a LONG time ago. A couple side projects that never went far.

For this one I just got started with Love2d.

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That's good that you have experience making games, I have a couple of criticisms and I'm leaving out art because I know art is hard even for me. I know that you're game is in the early stages and it's a great time to add things. I think you should add; 

  • Sound effects
  • Harder Progression (Game get's harder the further you go i.e. faster/more obstacles)
  • Maybe a shop if you can
  • Character Selection 

Like I said I know the you're game is in the starting stage's now, my advice is to get the core mechanics down first then start adding extra little things and polish the game. I don't have any criticisms as the game is in it's early stages but I would love to be updated some time soon, good work keep at it!


Great suggestions, appreciate that. For some reason it's so tempting to submit now even though there's so much time left. I'm going to resist and try to keep improving it. 

I'm using assets from a licence free game on GitHub. I haven't created a single piece or art, I've always neglected that skill, which limits my games quite a bit. I'd love to have other fish options but I can't draw them :/

But I do want to make the water seem more like water, rather than a flat background. Thanks for the suggestions, and the pixel art in your game is actually really good, I like it. 


It's good that you are taking time to improve you're game and trying to resist submitting it (like I am ;)), Art isn't really my strong point either. But if you would like I could maybe help you with sprites if it's allowed and you want to. 


I'll probably stick with what I've got. I like the simplicity of it, I've added a menu, and a little tutorial. Honestly happy with the game. If I give the background a little flair I think it'll be ready.


It's good to hear that you're game is going well, keep up the good work!

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Appreciate it. Here's the latest: 

It's 3 energy to escape hooks

1 Energy to boost forward

Eat 1 worm = 1 Energy

Sometimes you have to intentionally get hooked, and use energy to get away.  So it's important to eat worms and keep it above 3 minimum. 

Distance & Worms Eaten determine your rank at the end.

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Wow I can see that it has improved a lot since you showed the first teaser, I wasn't sure what you were gonna do at first but now seeing it, it's awesome. Do the spears kill you instantly? I really think you should make the game get faster the further you go, if you do implement this I feel like progression will be harder and there for keeping the player wanting to play, also if it's too hard maybe hardness levels would be good too. Other than that I can't wait until you're game is done and everyone can play it!


Finally done.

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Finally found a way to represent water using a GitHub repo for Love2D:

Worms fall in and create a ripple. Boosting forward creates a ripple. Moving mouse over top of water makes a bunch of ripples.


I loved the game swimmy fish... even i dont know how to make a menu .... xD and i even loved that santa game..wish i could make a game that polished