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A Game Boy (Color) Roguelite - You are a boy who wants to raise money so he can afford to go to space.
Submitted by ∆•RYZ (@deltaryz) — 3 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameboy Soul#2143.2683.444
Interpretation of the Secondary Theme#3761.6871.778

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game match the theme?
The player is a young boy who dreams of going to space, and spends the game raising money so he can afford to do so.

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Congrats on your submission!  I had a few issues with lag on the browser, but it was when there was more enemies on the screen.  The interface, transitions and everything else felt pretty polished.  A few times in combat the enemies did seem to teleport a bit.  I'm not sure if that was knock back or what happened there.


Fun game, it took me a bit to get into but once i got i really liked it!


Extremely cool idea! I especially liked the sound effects, music and the overall feel of the game. With some tinkering in combat mechanics I think that this could be a very solid title! I managed to get a few updates and almost go to space. Good job!


Great Gameboy look/feel/music.

I think the things you are fighting should move a bit slower at least at the first levels, also them being able to move through water where you cannot seems unfair, would also be nice to have a bit more time to pick up the "loot" from the bodies as they can disappear before you get to them even if not very far away.  I also one time one of the sprites seemed to split in half and have an empty tile drawn where it should be, don't think it was meant to be that way though.  And as mentioned the hit boxes, that the enemies seem to be able to just walk through, make it difficult for the player to get around but the enemies have no problem so evading or getting an attack is more difficult for the player.

Also, I know this was a short game Jam but the action felt a bit too repetitive, though not sure how to make it different.  Maybe have some levels where you just search for things and not all fighting?  Or combine them?

That's a lot of negative but they're just little tweaks that would make this more fun for me, likely others won't agree.  But overall I really liked the Gameboy soul of the game.

For anyone who tried to play it and it didn't work in chrome, make sure to turn off the blocking of 3rd party cookies as the game uses local storage, likely for game state, so it gets blocked from playing without it turned off.


Great feedback!

I had some ideas similar to what you are suggesting, but the time constraints of the game jam prevented me from adding too many unique mechanics. GB Studio is a very clunky, clearly work-in-progress piece of software that is honestly a bit of a puzzle to work with, and I was learning how to use it as I worked on this.

My enemy movement code is pretty inefficient, and enabling collision on their pathfinding makes it unplayably laggy (even in GBC mode). Allowing them to walk through walls was a necessary sacrifice because I didn't have time to fix this. With more time I probably could have optimized my enemy scripts and made it work with collision.

The sprite garbling most likely happens because I am close to the sprite limit in the scene. Technically there are 6 enemy actors, and each one redundantly loads a copy of the spritesheet for BOTH enemy types - this is actually gbstudio's fault, I'm not quite sure how to do things dynamically and efficiently within gbstudio's clunk. Might require some mixture of GBVM and ASM.

I'm still debating whether or not I would like to keep working on this and polish it into a complete project, but I had tons of fun working on it & the feedback I have gotten does seem to imply people see potential in it.


Yeah, my game suffered greatly due to time limitations, along with thinking I could learn Godot 4 and GDScript at the same time.  LOL  That and I had no idea how to do music (mine had none) and sound (it was terrible but wanted to add at least something there) so while I don't think my game did well, I at least learned a lot and have that so was a success there.  :)

I did very much like where it started, I can see it has a lot of Gameboy Soul.  I can see how hitting the limits of an actual Gameboy engine would make things difficult to do and get to be performant.  So great job on getting past that as it was definitely a good entry.


Cool game! I had some collision issues around trees and fences but it sure did feel like a gameboy game!


I would hope so! It is one!

The collision is a little tight with some of the tiles, I didn't have much time to polish the map and movement physics.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it <3


I had the game glitching out when I reached level 4 of the forest because there was too many enemies in the screen. Still was a fun roguelike!


Yeah, my enemy code is pretty inefficient and causes quite a bit of lag - it also runs a lot better in GBC mode.

Unless you mean the thing where the left half of an enemy sprite sometimes gets garbled with a speech bubble or something. I think that happens because I am close to the sprite limit in the scene.

There's a lot of issues with the enemies, that is easily the most complex and also the most buggy part of the game.

Thanks for playing!!