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Malware Detected!View game page

Fight back against a hacker who has taken control of your mouse
Submitted by Ragtag Games (@TomRagTag) — 1 hour, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Malware Detected!'s page

Malware Detected!

Short Summary
A notorious hacker has infected your system with malware! Take control of your computer by zapping the annoying popups, but beware... the hacker has taken control of your mouse!

Long Summary
Zap malware popups as fast as you can!​

​The hacker has taken control of you mouse! At any time, they may:

+ Invert your mouse axis.
+ Move your mouse to another position.
+ Adjust the mouse sensitivity.
+ Move popups away from you.
Each open malware window consumes one unit of memory. If you run out of memory, your system will crash and you lose the game. You've got to be fast to keep it under control!

​Zapped malware goes into the quarantine. Remember to purge the quarantine​ regularly, as there is a limit to how much it can contain.

​Each malware ​purged from the quarantine​​ will earn you one point.

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I had a lot of fun playing the game as I alternated between yelling/laughing at my mouse moving all over the place.


I really like the game. My only tip if you plan to further develop this, is to look into locking the mouse to the game somehow, I keep multiple times leaving the game focus and pausing the game just for me to click back and my mouse is somewhere totally esle.


Thanks for playing!

100% agree about the mouse leaving the window - I actually have a fix for this in place, but can't upload any updates until after the GTMK 2020 Jam (which this game is also entered into) has concluded. As a workaround until then, you can play in fullscreen or download the windows / mac version. :)


Awesome, definitely will try. I really like this game and am wondering if you are continuing it what are some of your future thoughts on the design?


I have many thoughts, but they basically boil down to making it more accessible to new players

+ Bug fixes
+ Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty modes (the current build would likely be between normal and hard)
+ Explain the mechanics with in-game tutorial
+ Highscore tracking

+ Leaderboards
+ Graphical improvements
+ Audio improvements

I don't want to spend too much time on it (it was a weekend jam, after all), but I'm not happy with where it landed.

Okay, that sounds great! I will check back later to see the improved version!


OOH, Niiice! Loved the game. The music was really going well with the theme. Oh, loved the way how the virus controls your mouse 👌. Although, the mouse movement was more like gliding and reaching the actual mousePos rather than following the mousePos exactly. Otherwise it was superb!


Great, thanks - happy you liked the game :) 

Yeah, giving more time I'd tweak the mouse mechanics a little, there's definitely a bunch of areas for improvement - maybe in a post-jam version :)


Would love to play it when the post-jam version comes out :D


Wow! The artstyle and game mechanic got me hooked instantly.

I also like the idea of "memory" and how slow purging the quarantine takes. Great job! 😎


Thanks for your wonderful comments, they're really appreciated :) I'll be sure to check out and rate your game "The Commute" tomorrow after some much needed sleep!

Top Secret Purging Tip: Purging is faster when its less full, so it behooves you to empty it more regularly rather than waiting for it to fill up! Also, you won't get a "Game Over" while purging, so if you can try to purge for some "bonus" points if you feel a loss is inevitable :)


It's super fun and challenging. I like how the idea works well with the "out of control" theme.


Thanks! Yeah, I tried to tackle the theme from multiple angles... both losing control of the mouse, and the feeling of frustration of losing control of the situation when you get overwhelmed :)