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Welcome to the Game Dev London Summer Jam 2020!

Game Dev London is hosting its first-ever community game jam, hosted right here on and open for anyone to submit!

Submissions will be judged by the Game Dev London hosts with the top 10 all featuring in a live episode of the Game Dev London podcast where we play through each demo discussing the game.

The winner will also get to be featured on the Game Dev London website!

The jam will has two themes:

- The Game Dev London theme of London

- The Game Makers Tool Kit theme of Out of Control

You can choose to do one, or the other, or both! Feel free to submit to both as well! 


All submissions will be judged on the following: 

  • Gameplay (how fun is the game to play) 
  • Innovation (is the game new/interesting and has it been built using new assets and/or creative use of pre-built assets)? 
  • Adherence to the theme (does it incorporate the theme in a genuine way) 
  • Completion (how complete is the demo?) 
  • Well-rounded (Is the game well rounded in terms of art, programming, sound, visuals etc)

All submissions must be playable as a web build or on Windows. You can target other platforms as well, but your submission must be playable as a web build or on Windows to allow the judges to play it on a special episode!

Submissions can use code, art, sound, and assets used in previous games, as long as:

  • They are used to create a new game
  • You have a license to use them in your game
  • Your final game is not an "asset flip" (an existing game or project presented as something you have newly developed)

By submitting your game, you grant Game Dev London and its associates the right to showcase the delivered demo via any media. This allows us to show your game in the live episode and on our site should you win. Any game submitted to the Game Dev London Summer Jam 2020 may show up in a video or stream without your express permission.

Anything you make during the jam is your property. Game Dev London claims no rights or ownership of your game.

We'll keep this page updated with a list of frequently asked questions, so stay tuned for updates and start getting your team together!

July 10th @ 8:00 PM to July 12th @ 8:00 PM BST


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Fight back against a hacker who has taken control of your mouse
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an Underground race against time to visit all your friends
Interactive Fiction
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Make maps for Floogle Maps!
Race around the supermarket skidding and sliding trying to grab as many items as possible before the timer runs out!
A space shooter where the character you control changes constantly
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Play in browser
Swim High, Fly By!
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Outlast your opponents in the Thunder Quad!
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An epic crossover between the best detective novels of London
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A game about the global pandemic 2020
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