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The new build is almost there. Just ironing out some bugs.

New update drops this year.

This is a known issue and I have yet to fix it. :(

I pushed a fix now!

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This is a bug in Godot 4 Beta 17. Once Beta 18 is out I will upload a fix. (the game runs on Vulkan btw)

Thanks for your feedback!

Might be a bug with Godot itself. There are a bunch of open bugs with it:

Let me update the description: I am using Godot 4, which is still in Beta and not "Production Ready" yet.

What operating system do you have? It may be that you have a 32bit system? (the Windows build is 64bit only)

Danke sehr fürs Feedback! Jau, das ist aktuell nervig. Wird mit dem nächsten Build geändert!

Thank you for reporting this. What browser version did you try with? Also, what is your Operating System?

Hammers can be crafted on the latest development build accessible on my Discord! (you'll need to be active there to be able to play it)

Right now, yes.

Glad you like it!

Thank you for reporting this! I removed that tag now, we must have added it accidentally.

Thank you! <3

Very valuable feedback, thank you so much. A lot of these concerns were also expressed by many others and I already have made plans how to address most of them.

Thank you for spending time with my little prototype! ♥️

Hey - I have completely rewritten the game now in Godot Engine! Feel free to check it out again.

You are carrying the bar to the furnace with your tong? What does it say as a message when you do so?

That sounds concerning. Does it happen even if you delete the save game?

Hey there - you need to first heat up the ingot before doing that, as you cannot really forge material that is cold.

I will completely revamp the forging in the next update to make it more intuitive!

maybe we might add one!

There is no cap! In future, you can forge better hammers to even get more out of the forging.

I'll definitely keep that part of the game but in future will introduce a linear story, too.

Higher tier hammers are coming in future!

what exactly is happening? What are your system settings?

You might find another hammer in the world. That might help you to reforge your hammer!

Nothing yet. They will become useful in future!

This is so cool!!


Hey there! Separating stacks will be implemented eventually!

Hah, you found my little letter burn feature! Currently, you can only smelt iron, emiril and copper into bars, 5 coal each.

Yeah that is known. I think it is not as bad because you need to constantly abort the animation. If a speedrunner wants to do that, that's fine with me.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you, great feedback!

The forging mechanic currently is not really good and all you need to do it treat it with a lot of heat. So when the item is very hot and you forge it, then its forging score increases. The higher the forging score, the more bonus you get on both strength and speed. So technically, the strongest pickaxes can be forged by heating up your item and striking ONCE and then re-heating it (but it costs coal)

Emiril is even stronger!

Can you try again? Should be fixed now!

Thank you - I'll work on a fix today.

Are you on MacOS, Windows or browser?

Do you have enough coal?

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Ah yes, this is a problem introduced by the new OSX update (safety feature). I am currently investigating that, as it prevents me from even opening up the game with Godot Engine on MacOS!

For a short-term fix, please try Step 4 on here: it helped me, too