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Alright. Which screen resolution did you play with? I tested the game with 1920x1080 resolution and it works fine, however lower resolutions might cause issues.

Definitely a bug. Can you attach a screenshot? Also, when does it happen?

Can you let me know which operating system you are running on and the model of your graphics card? Also what is your screen resolution? If you see any error message, please let me know what is says.



> All squares must be the same size

So this means that when you scale one square, you have to scale all of them. :-)

Hello chaoticnuketral,

good question, simple answer: it depends. I've improved the ruling by the following requirement:

"a square should consist only of a single colour at a given time."

So if you're using 3D objects it is totally fine, as long each square has only one colour at a given time. So no gradients, multi-coloured textures or rotations are allowed. 

So beautiful.

Thanks, mate! Unfortunately v. 1.3.1 had a bug so not all crumbs could be collected properly. Make sure to try out 1.3.2 for a better achievement experience. :-)

I will try it ASAP!