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Aryan Jumani

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Loved the visuals and the audio! Realized that my balls decreased after time for some reason. Got a high score of 29!

Nice idea of jumping due to the grenade. Going back up to the platform in level 3 was a bit frustrating again and again.

Loved the game concept a lot! Audio was weird, but still good. I enjoyed it a lot!

Nice game with excellent graphics! Levels 6-8 got me playing this game a bit more cautiously lol. I passed Levels 1-5 by just throwing randomly 😂

Really good graphics and audio! Loved this game a lot!! One of my favourite submissions out of the 18 games Ive played!!

Got to 14 till I passed the ball a bit too high lol. Liked it a lot! 

Nice artwork! After getting the hang of it, I completed the game with two throws lol. 

Loved playing this game! I just kept on passing the disc between my players continuously and finished wave 2 like that lol. 

Nice game! I liked the background music a lot! My best was 15 seconds!

Loved the game concept! Couldn't ask for a better entry to this jam! Loved it!

Really nice game! Took a little while to get used to shot timings, but enjoyed it a lot later! My highest was 12 before I missed by 0.57 seconds 😅

You had to throw the ball through the numbers to reduce their value until it becomes 0. 

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Thanks a lot! This was my first time trying pixel art for the man, so I took a bit of time doing it and couldn't do another(for the player) because I wanted to limit myself within 3 hours. 

Really nice game! 
Liked the idea of side wrapping then realized that the trash wouldn't do the same thing 😅
Otherwise, it was really nice!

The art style was damn nice! A post jam update to this game would really make this game more fun!

Nicely done! I loved the concept of the gravity around the planets/sun and especially the black hole! A cursor, or a brief indication as to where the frog is would improve the gameplay a lot! Otherwise, a nicely balanced and fun game!

I liked the graphics and audio a lot!! Amazing game! 

Took me a while to understand how to play it properly but enjoyed a lot once I started playing! Nice visuals btw!

Nice game! Amazing graphics too! Took me a few tried to complete it.

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

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Nicely done! The collisions seemed nice and also weird at the same time because I had my mouse sensitivity on highest and sometimes I couldn't even see the toothbrush colliding of the bucket(my best guess: it would back into the guys mouth)
I got 2943 as my high score lol

Lol for me up was down and down was up. But otherwise, loved the game!
Highscore: 1400 Ü

Other than the player being a bit slow at the start, the visuals, audio and gameplay were outstanding! Really liked it!

was the restart at the end intentional or is it a bug 😂😂😂😂😂 

A bit tough to play, but loved it! Encountered a bug where the girders just spawn to fast because my other girders are very close to it/on top of it.

Reminded me a lot of Brain it On with a twist. Loved it!

The music was a bit too loud but still nice! Loved the game mechanic too! 

Bobby turned out to be stronger than 2 busses lol. The particle systems were awesome! The sounds could have been worked on a bit though

Loved the art! The background gave a nice 2.5D feeling which I enjoyed thoroughly!

The Main Menu music is sooo soothing. Could listen to it all day! 

Wait you can?

Music and art fit into the game very well! Loved it a lot! However it could have been made a bit more fun to play because I just kept on standing at the same place and spammed X

Thanks! I realized the game was hard(while I found it super easy xD). However, cant bring any changes to it now

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Where is the coin lol. Had me searching for 5 minutes and hitting 3 different coins after realizing there ain't no coin 😂🤦‍♂️ Guess I really am stupid. Loved the smooth camera movement and the music!

Couldn't get past the first five platforms, but overall the game was awesome! Could have worked on substituting the Godot sprite for something else and a few adjustments to the camera movement, but still, I enjoyed playing it a lot!

Loved the game!!! The music was excellent and the game too! I really enjoyed playing it!

My egg died about a hundred times🥺 Kept on snapping badly and eventually the egg got stuck in the top left corner. Graphics were good!

Your skills impress me, player. We hope to see you again... I proceed to jump off the cliff 😂😁

The music fitted the game like a glove! Loved it! The camera movement was also fabulous!

Nice game! Loved the glow effect(which I've used in my own game xD). It was fun to play! However, didn't understand how it fit the theme.