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Submitted by Esbol — 7 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline

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Some assets look fantastic, while others look very cheap. 

It was somewhat confusing trying to figure out what you were supposed to do,  which made it rather unfun to play.

Submitted (4 edits) (+1)

So, I've heard that you have to get certain items in order to use the ship, but why did the game just lock me in with it when I apparently still don't have everything needed to use it? Like so:

The enemies can't kill me either, so... :/

Also, I just tried using the arrow keys, and... I can move the ship? Even though I'm not in it? Isn't the game controlled with WASD?

I'm thoroughly confused.

Screenshot with the ship now moved with the arrow keys:

Submitted (1 edit)

FLY AWAY LITTLE SHIP! BE FREEEEEE! much playtesting did this game have? Kinda curious, since it's a bit hard to figure everything out and I've discovered gems of bugs such as this one.

Oh, also, the settings button on the main menu doesn't work.


Okay finally figured it out... but you can fly the ship backwards when it's supposed to fly out as a cutscene. It looks pretty ridiculous, especially since it can phase through walls.


The game doesn't appear to be letting me start any more levels now. This is the closest one, and it seems it's still considered to be out of range or something?


Excuse me. I did not have time to add clues. Now I'm working on the interface and tips


Alas, I've already done all of that (except maybe destroying the asteroids for those crystal things), and then I got stuck in a seemingly impossible to progress in state.


Once I figured  out what to do in the first level I had a blast - thought the ship was glitched and I couldn't get in because it kept saying "E" to Use but then realized I had to go perform the other tasks before I could get in. Only suggestion would be not have the Use command pop up until you can actually use it and maybe a player health bar for the intro part.  Other then that had fun with this one and great visuals and audio! Nicely done!


Thank you. I do not know much English. On this, I cut a lot of details



Nice work Esbol, definitely has longevity. I couldn't stop playing :)


Thank you colleague. I remember you from 2016 onwards.


I think I will be in time.


Managed. I have a weak Internet. Wait for the gameplay video.