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Sharing Research

A topic by ErikTheBearik created 91 days ago Views: 185 Replies: 3
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Hey folklore-lovers! In doing research for our games, I thought it might be useful to share useful any useful resources we came across. 

Going first, I found this livestream WorldAnvil recently put up, interviewing a professor on anglo-saxon folklore and mythology. It isn't super specific to just England though, and she has some interesting insights into why people share and create folklore that I think might be more broadly useful. Take a look, hope it helps!


About Brazilian Folklore:


These guys talked about a few ghost stories from Ancient China, and they have more Chinese folklore videos on their channel:


Here's an essay about historical role playing games and history of "worldbuilding"

It's not exactly research, but I think it will provide a lot of ideas to chew on for people who are, like us, engaged with writing games which is some way represent traditions of behavior, story, and belief which exist/existed in reality