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My entry: retro 3D

A topic by tamat created Aug 01, 2018 Views: 119 Replies: 9
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Hey, I've been working non-stop over the last week in my entry for the Floppy Jam.

Some bullet points:

  • Sector based 3D Map (inspited by 2.5D engines of the 90s)
  • Coded from scratch in C++ and SDL/OpenGL 3
  • Deferred rendering pipeline (yup, not for old machines)
  • Retro visuals with emphasis in illumination
  • Includes full level editor!

Now the explanation:

I always wanted to create my own sector-based 3D engine after reading so much about the work done by Ken Silverman and John Carmack.

Because the level size has to be small I decided to create my own file format and because of that I needed my own editor. So over the last week I've been creating my own level editor, which consumed me more time than I expected, but now it seems quite complete (although the interface is horrible).

I also have pathfinding (although a little bit slow) and some basic form of collision detection with walls.

The next week I will focus on designing the levels and gameplay.

Right now with the executable, textures and one level, the total file size (no DLLs) is under 500KBs so I still have a budget for sprites and maybe sounds.

Here are some screenshots:

First the editor

Here Im editing a wall

Here Im testing the path finding (every point represents a cell)

Isometric view of the map (still not sure if I will use it)

And this is a view from inside the map. Im using deferred rendering so I will try to add lots of lights to give a nice atmosphere.

And thats all!


Wow, looks very impressive! I ended up building my first game engine (2D, purely C# Command Prompt text)

Keep it up!


thats always a good place to start!


This is amazing! So far my favorite entry.


thanks, you picked a nice time window.

my problem is that this week I will be out traveling and I will be back on August 9th so I dont know if I will have time to finish it but I plan to create at least a simple level and some gameplay on top to showcase the features.


This is one of the few projects I actually see and want finished! You should put the source on GitHub and make the engine MIT.


totally, although jams code is usually not very pleasing...


Wow, impressive ! One of my favorite entry too. How did you manage to have a 500 KB executable with SDL and OpenGL 3 ? I'm really interested !


thanks, I linked against SDL statically and used the exe minifier petite( )

I have to see if I can link statically also to the MSVC runtime.


Usually I wouldn't allow compression like this but I think it deserves to be passed. Great job. <3