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I was quite sure that if I didnt do it a wolf will come at night so yes! I did it every night!

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Still, a good game with lots of good ideas. Keep the good work.

PS. the chickens couldnt escape, I closed the door every night!

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I copypaste the post I made you in reddit:

Hey, very interesting game. I just played till the end. Here is a list of tips:

  • The first day I sold one goat without knowing just by clicking to see what it was. So I started the game with just one goat, which I guess is not very important but made me feel frustrated. Maybe goat-selling shouldnt be allowed till later.
  • I guess you wanted to make the daily life routine, but I feel it lacks some variety on the days. It feels boring if everyday the chores are exactly the same.
  • Graphically the game is very beautiful, but at night the lights of the house are blue, I guess you are tinting the fullscreen using a postprocessing effect and thats why the windows do not shine orange. I would suggest to do not tint and use the ambient light to turn it blue.
  • I didnt want to read the letters because I felt it was stolen precious time from the game, but I guess time is paused when reading. My suggestion is to read the mails once at home automatically.
  • I dont like that the chickens die without any notice/representation. I feels random. Maybe if they die one by one every day...
  • Also after all the chickens die I still had lots of cheese but I guess she doesnt eat cheese...
  • Maybe some other camera angles would make it less repetitive. Like showing the inside of the house when she goes there.

Anyway, beautiful game, great work