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Wow, you should check the comic strip cuttlas, they totally look alike

- People that gives you some quests (bring me this rare item, save my daughter)

- Store to trade items

- People that give you clues about how to fight special enemies

Everytime you interact with a villager you could add rules to future generated dungeons so they have the items/persons

Great game! love the atmosphere! maybe some more interaction in the town would make it less repetitive. Keep the work, I think you have something here!

Thanks, I keep working on this!

nice idea and beautiful graphics, love the mechanic of controlling kitchen appliances.

I would had enjoyed it more if when doing the coffee I could mess it up somehow, to give it a more challenging touch.

thans a lot! btw, I tryed to test your game but .NET required me to download a new version and I got an error updating it. I will try today again.

thanks!! I plan to keep working on it till there is some gameplay :)

I just uploaded a windows version

Ok, I just uploaded a Windows version, let me know if it works

working on it! I will upload it tonight :)

I have uploaded another version that includes the SDL2, let me know if it works

arg, ok, time to delve into the wonders of libraries in osx...


yes, I will upload a windows version in 3  days, Im on holiday and I only have a mac to travel.

looks great! looking forward to test it

glad to see I wasnt the only one doing a C++ engine from scratch for the compo!

amazing work!

totally, although jams code is usually not very pleasing...

thanks, I linked against SDL statically and used the exe minifier petite( )

I have to see if I can link statically also to the MSVC runtime.

thats always a good place to start!

thanks, you picked a nice time window.

my problem is that this week I will be out traveling and I will be back on August 9th so I dont know if I will have time to finish it but I plan to create at least a simple level and some gameplay on top to showcase the features.

what were you using?

I dont see a problem. If people can make games using the browser, Im sure there are no browsersunder 1.4MBs

Wow, you are crunching the numbers! Keep the work, very excited to see what you come up with.

Im using SDL too, and for the audio Im using SDL basic audio callback system. Its very raw but if you need code to load a WAV file and play it I can send it to you.

Btw, if instead of linking against the dynamic DLL you link against the static LIB you will reduce the EXE size. I also use this EXE compressor:

and I managed to create my SDL/OpenGL app that weights less than 300KBs

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Hey, I've been working non-stop over the last week in my entry for the Floppy Jam.

Some bullet points:

  • Sector based 3D Map (inspited by 2.5D engines of the 90s)
  • Coded from scratch in C++ and SDL/OpenGL 3
  • Deferred rendering pipeline (yup, not for old machines)
  • Retro visuals with emphasis in illumination
  • Includes full level editor!

Now the explanation:

I always wanted to create my own sector-based 3D engine after reading so much about the work done by Ken Silverman and John Carmack.

Because the level size has to be small I decided to create my own file format and because of that I needed my own editor. So over the last week I've been creating my own level editor, which consumed me more time than I expected, but now it seems quite complete (although the interface is horrible).

I also have pathfinding (although a little bit slow) and some basic form of collision detection with walls.

The next week I will focus on designing the levels and gameplay.

Right now with the executable, textures and one level, the total file size (no DLLs) is under 500KBs so I still have a budget for sprites and maybe sounds.

Here are some screenshots:

First the editor

Here Im editing a wall

Here Im testing the path finding (every point represents a cell)

Isometric view of the map (still not sure if I will use it)

And this is a view from inside the map. Im using deferred rendering so I will try to add lots of lights to give a nice atmosphere.

And thats all!

I was quite sure that if I didnt do it a wolf will come at night so yes! I did it every night!

Still, a good game with lots of good ideas. Keep the good work.

PS. the chickens couldnt escape, I closed the door every night!

I copypaste the post I made you in reddit:

Hey, very interesting game. I just played till the end. Here is a list of tips:

  • The first day I sold one goat without knowing just by clicking to see what it was. So I started the game with just one goat, which I guess is not very important but made me feel frustrated. Maybe goat-selling shouldnt be allowed till later.
  • I guess you wanted to make the daily life routine, but I feel it lacks some variety on the days. It feels boring if everyday the chores are exactly the same.
  • Graphically the game is very beautiful, but at night the lights of the house are blue, I guess you are tinting the fullscreen using a postprocessing effect and thats why the windows do not shine orange. I would suggest to do not tint and use the ambient light to turn it blue.
  • I didnt want to read the letters because I felt it was stolen precious time from the game, but I guess time is paused when reading. My suggestion is to read the mails once at home automatically.
  • I dont like that the chickens die without any notice/representation. I feels random. Maybe if they die one by one every day...
  • Also after all the chickens die I still had lots of cheese but I guess she doesnt eat cheese...
  • Maybe some other camera angles would make it less repetitive. Like showing the inside of the house when she goes there.

Anyway, beautiful game, great work