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would you happen to remember how you did this? i used the "Install from .exe" (or smth) option from lutris. I selected VOTV.exe, and clicked "Install". It launched the UE4 prerequisites installer, and after i installed that stuff, the installation window said "Program exited with code 1536".

this is beautiful. thank you lord <3

how do i set the resolution from command prompt?

thanks! i'll keep this feedback in mind if i release a game in the future :)

Chrome OS is literally a Linux distro lol


thanks kkairos! yep, that crumbling platform thing was supposed to be patched before release. my bad! i too find the hitboxes and platform timing to be pretty bad. hitboxes had last-minute fixes (they were all originally too big). i think i focused too heavily on platform timing and stuff, because there wasn't a whole lot i could do with the limited room size.

thanks for the feedback, though! i plan on revisiting this game concept when my engine improves. i definitely plan to have larger rooms, more interesting mechanics, less punishing gameplay, multiple "worlds"/"planets"/what-have-you, etc..

would you mind being notified if/when i release a next kitty's quest-esque game?

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Oh that's interesting. Do you have a dedicated GPU, or just an integrated one? I'm not sure how safe it is sharing a full dxdiag log (for privacy reasons), but if you can paste some specs into a pastebin file, that would be great.

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i like the level design in this a lot! reminiscent of metroid 1. the art style is also very nice :)

i didn't get very far, because my progress wasn't saved (idk if this game has saving, but i was in private-mode by mistake, oops), but the combat seemed a little bit samey.

regardless,  very nice for having only a month to make a game! ^^

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thanks for the feedback! yeah, i knew going into this that the gameplay is pretty niche. i like platformers that dont require a lot of brain power, ie just jumping and dodging rather than combat - so that's what i went for. im surprised you didn't point out the imbalanced difficulty, as that's what i would consider the weakest aspect.

do you have any constructive criticism? like stuff you would have liked to see, but didn't? i think combat and variably-sized rooms would have made a big difference, but i was working within time and technical constraints. definitely would implement those if i make a sequel on a future version of the engine :)

thank you! i had a lot of fun making this game.


i went back and played YHtWtG... that last room's caption... this was all planned from the start! Kyle, you rascal!

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ah i see. thanks! i will definitely try this eventually. i wonder if i can get Steam Play to work with external games, since proton seems to work great with games.

is there any way to turn up the gamma so it isn't so dark? it's dark in the base, even with the lights and the flashlight on. why?

is this intentional, or is it a bug? i'm using an AMD graphics card, and playing it through wine on Ubuntu.

very cute! i love it. :)

thanks so much! though i dont believe this jam will have voting ;)

ah yeah. i was just wondering if that was what you were going for, but i take it it's not. keep up the great work on your games! they're very unique and memorable compared to so many other PS1-themed games right now :)

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this is great!
ALSO, is the music that plays in the beginning forest area inspired by the Magicant theme from EarthBound ("Deeper into Ness's Subconscious")? it sounds incredibly similar.

very neat experience!

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good game!

thank you, allekid! i'm glad you liked my game. it definitely means a lot to me.

and yeah, trying to find a good way to handle user input (the prompts) was definitely a challenge. turns out natural language processing is hard! i would be more than happy to make something related to this text adventure, be-it another text adventure (or point-and-click) with the same vibe, or a differently-genred game related to the "story" of Puteus.

Cool game

v1.1.5: Few small changes to make it easier to play. Also removed an exploit to walk straight to the end.

i love stray

Can we talk on discord? Here's my discord tag (as an image so spam bots dont scrape it lol).

I was going to implement c64-like BASIC myself, but it seems like more effort than it's worth when I can embed Lua. I won't be submitting to this game jam, but thanks for replying!

Is it okay if I simply embed BASIC in an otherwise C/C++ game for the core logic?

More specifically, would it be okay to have a C/C++ runtime/engine to handle graphics, while using BASIC for in-game scripting and logic?

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Can I use sounds?



HTML is fine, just have a download for the source code on the game page :)

desculpe, não há prêmio em dinheiro para este game jam :(
no entanto, posso ter um para game jams futuros ;)

hey! can you provide a download so i can verify that its under 4mb? :)

heyy i think you got some bugs haha. weird movement and the ship goes offscreen. looks great, tho! <3

yeah, but it would be fine if the game made a file like "settings.cfg" after the game has launched and the user saved settings and that pushed the game over 4MB. just as long as the game can be run as provided and its under 4mb.