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1.44mb limit

A topic by bark4mark created Jul 14, 2018 Views: 332 Replies: 4
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I have 2 questions,

Is it okay for me write the game in Java? The game itself would be under 1.44mb but the runtime will need to be present to run and wouldn't fit on a floppy.

Could I write the game in JS, you would require a browser to run the game... again a browser wouldn't fit on a floppy.

Thank you :)


Yes to both of the questions.


So only the MyGame.jar's size will count and not the other sizes, right?


Your .jar file as well as any outside resources (such as icons, photos, music, etc. if they aren't included in the jar file) counts towards the size. Everything counts towards the size besides the actual Java runtime.


In that case I have the perfect idea for this Jam.
By using JerboaTTS, a small javascript (21kb) engine I made, I'll have more than enough space for the game itself.