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A jam entry

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Submitted by vimino (@vimino_net) with 18 days, 4 hours before the deadline
Rated by 7 people so far
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Interesting entry, mini games were great. I like the humor, nice work for the jam ;)


Thanks. It's a lazy idea but it shows what JerboaTTS can do.


really interesting concept, but it was hard for me to figure out what I have to do. 
the minigame on the PC was nice too. 

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks! You only have to survive, just like real life! There isn't a "you win" or satisfying conclusion, just how long you survived.
Of course Video Games and Television might seem more interesting than that.


A really fun take on the RPG quests. Also enjoy the humor of the parents roaming around the house like they have nothing better to do.

It seems like using the Escape Key on the web versions of the game make it difficult to exit menus properly in full screen...

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks and no worries, 'X' works as well. Just as 'ASDW' instead of the cursor keys so the page doesn't scroll around.
Added more details to the description.


Sweet! Glad you’ve considered all platforms in your control schemes :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks but there's no Mobile support, unfortunately. Keyboard required.
I actually added "Escape" because why not. 'X' was there first (it all started with Ski Diver).


Could you have your project for download so I can confirm it's 1.44MB or less?


Of course. I plan to include the source code (index.html + jerboa.js) for each version.