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Whats your FÖLK-LORE playlist?

A topic by Alyx created Feb 05, 2021 Views: 379 Replies: 10
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We all know that the mörk borg release playlist is absolutely fundamental so hit me up with your jam inspiration playlists that you've been working on instead of your actual submission :p

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This is the error I got when I first tried to post this. THEY KNOW.

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Bard Core.  All the Bardcore.
Also loving other stuff from the band Bongripper, that wasn't in the release party playlist.
Also also, the album Robot Death Jungle from the folks at Exalted Funeral's website is pretty great, and they are working on a squeal for Mork Börg.

The NJ Pine Barrrens demand an appropriate playlist.


I was obsessively looping Comus - First Utterance and occasionally relistening to Corpo-Mente's self-titled album:


Three things! Two I jammed on hard, one that was more just the inspiration for my FL jam.

Inspired by: The Conet Project (official site, listen) -- the prompt I went with was "numbers stations" so, y'know, obviously.

As far as "background music while I wrote/designed,"

Gost's Behemoth (listen here, especially the title track)

and L'Enfant De La Forêt's ABRAXAS (listen here, especially "Flowers of Flesh and Bone" and "The Birth of All Evil")

If you're a Perturbator fan,  L'Enfant is the same guy! This work tends to be moodier, slower, darker.


Inspiration for my submission (The Bone of Batrasaxas):


Also, Comus and Ksiezyc are so good! Terminal favourites in the parts... :)


Lot’s of Cemican


Very late to the party, but here's mine:


Disembodied, Snapcase, KODO, Conan Soundtrack - this last one was the one I mostly listened to...