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Great - I hope you have fun. I've found Painflail on its own pretty useful for solo sessions with Solitary Defilement, for when the theatre of the mind becomes a bit too arduous, but I think it does really come into its own with the Quest expansion. You can adapt DNGNGEN or Solitary Defilement dungeons in minutes.

Remember you can also use the combat helper (for mobile or desktop) to really speed up the admin in combat:


It is done!

Your humble servant,


Good call, folks. I need to do some Itch admin, so will see if I can add it into the downloads later this week!

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The 'demo' contains the core book and an adventure. The other file contains all the extras.

8t 8s still Private on DTRPG, so should be in your library still? Lmk if not tho.

I haven't encountered this issue, but can add spreads to the archive. Perhaps that might solve it!

Here we go!

This is on my to do list - hope to make a small update before Xmas!

Yes, the additional materials are in the laid file. Enjoy!

can you also download the original 'demo' from the main SD page?

I need to bundle everything together to make things more straightforward - I  will fix this later in the evening.

Yes, exits are relative to the direction you enter from.

Have you exhausted all possibilities? Remember the top and bottom of the map wrap round. You could also return to the entrances on the left and explore s other path. Rooms can also be searched, with a 1 in 4 chance of finding a secret door. Teleport Traps and backslide spells can also move you to undiscovered squares.

However, if all those avenues have been exhausted, I guess it is a loss, unless you have any other characters with backside, or a grappling hook if the way has been blocked  by a chasm etc. I have never had a game which ended in dead ends, but I guess it is still a small possibility despite the ways around mentioned above!

Do you have the file Solitary-Defilement.pdf? That is thr main book. Any references to 'Corr' refer to thr core Mork Borg rulebook. Does that help?

Why not! :D I hope you pushed them!

Just added some more - enjoy!

Just added some!!

Yes. I am not sure when, but both this and Solitary Defilement are on the to-do list.

Great - thanks for letting me know! I hope to put together some list of SD resources next month, so will definitely include this! Cheers!

Thank you, and double-thank you for your executing support! Watched the Dungeon Dive interview yesterday!!

Maybe at some point - once I catch my breath...

12th! :D

This automates all the tables found in Solitary Defilement - that is one of them.

It is coming - sign up to the mailing list at and you will get an advance notification:)

Omg, thank you. I must have automatically typed it because my bff's surname is Tomkinson!

I'm workin as fast as I can, buddy! :D

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The expanded edition includes Alone in the Crowd, which is a pretty comprehensive city crawl supplement:

Streets of Decay also acts as an oracle for generating streets, but does not include the additional rules for each shop type, location, and event, as found in Alone in the Crowd. It might be good for some sparks on inspiration, though:

ah, damn, there is always one typo! Thanks for poin6that out. I will fix it soon!

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I'm not sure what you mean, but maybe this helps:

In Tunnels of Nechrubel you replace BASILISK!'s Special Rooms and Encounter tables with the new ones. When you find an entrance to the Tunnels of Nechrubel you decide on a direction of travel and move 'under' the board in a single direction, rolling on the 'Tunnel Events' table and moving your counter one space in your direction of travel until you have an opportunity to emerge.

And thank you - I am very glad you are enjoying it. It was sooo much fun to write!

It's on the cards for later this year. Honest!!

Does changing the magnification/text size on your browser help at all? (Command and +/- on Macs, not sure what it is on other OSes...)

Definitely! I am a huge fan of Watabou, both for the generators, and especially for Pixel Dungeon!

hah, I am surprised no one more artistically competent had done it already!

Fixed! :D

DNGNSTOCK has a load of creatures culled from my solo and group games :) they only exist therein... but I could do a downloadable appendix sometime.

I made the  up for that campaign. Penciled them in early, but only settled on the stats etc much later when it came time to encounter them.

Well, my Wretched Royalty friend, keep an eye on the Max Moon website. 3rd printing this summer!

Fixed, phew!

Cheers! Will tweak that soon as - I think there is something wrong with the 't' on my keyboard!

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It's part of the Painflail Quest expansion, but I will also make it available for the current swatch set :)

Edit: Just added it - Painflail-Epic_Swatch-Floortiles.pdf !

Thanks for the reminder- sorted!

Time to create a new unit of measurement!

1 Galgenbeckian Finger = 2 inches. ;)