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And the winner is...

And our community prize winner! HAGTESSE!

Congratulations to our final Official Swag Prize Winner! 

Congratulations sludge1! You are a winner! Selected INQUISITOR

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Congratulations mags! You are the next winner! Selected KARGUNT

Congratulations jimgies! You are the next winner! Selected NECHRUBEL

Congratulations to Irish Mercury! Selected THE BASILISKS

Johan Nohr has been a busy man. After printing out "the internet" he stuck it to his garage wall and took out his pent up frustrations. If he ever decides to join the circus, we know what his job will be. Our next winner will be announced as soon as FlyingKobold has made their prize selection. Selected BLASPHEMER


Folklore, the undercurrent of our cultures and personal narratives, a shared imagination that shapes our worldview. From Santa Claus to the Flying Dutchman, Little Red Riding Hood to Godzilla; these are the stories we tell around our campfires and at bedtimes. But what happens if our world's lore collides with the Dying World of MÖRK BORG? What new miseries are born, what new abominations draw breath? FÖLK-LORE is a third party compatible game jam that asks YOU to MÖRK BORGify your favorite folklore tale. The Google doc found here has an unofficial sign-up to "call dibs" on folklore.


Create foes, treasures, adventures, or even an entire campaign setting. Submit your entries on A5 sized paper in portrait orientation and be automatically entered into a random giveaway drawing of exclusive official MÖRK BORG swag. No limits on length and no special considerations based on aesthetic quality. Include as much, or as little, information about your source of inspiration as you'd like. Make it dark, make it morose, but avoid any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise discriminatory content. 
Trigger Warning: some submissions may contain triggering content [SI] [SH] or intense depictions of violence.


No purchase necessary to join. Winners of official MÖRK BORG prizes will be selected sometime after the submission period closes, at random from the pool of submitted content to the  jam (method TBA). Winners will be allowed to select the prize tier of their choice while supplies last and will pick from the prizes in the same order that their names are drawn. Shipping costs will be handled by Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell, but winners may be responsible for customs fees or other unforeseeable costs (ie local taxes). Anyone can enter, one entry per person (collaborations are fine, but all contributors have an equal chance of winning). Submissions can be free or "Pay What You Want" and MUST be content for MÖRK BORG the TTRPG and not for other game systems. Please include the 3rd party MÖRK BORG license text on your submission, which can be found here.


  • NECHRUBEL - Handmade, one of a kind dice tray by Martijn Vellinger (@helicityboson) and signed by Johan and Pelle
  • THE BASILISKS - Limited edition MÖRK BORG book, includes Ancient Skin and an A2 size map of the dying world
  • KARGUNT - Dark Fort solo game signed by Pelle, includes a copy of Feretory
  • HERETIC - MÖRK BORG Blackened Dungeon Synth cassette tape by Gnoll (Heimat Der Katastrophe)
  • CULTIST - Death Temple Sztun pamphlet
  • INQUISITOR - Ancient Skin pamphlet
  • BLASPHEMER - A fistful of official stickers


UPDATE: Coming in HOT... one special entry will receive a complimentary soft cover copy of Forbidden Pslam and a custom painted miniature from @OptimisticNIL! Winner of this amazing prize will be chosen by an eight year old demon kept in a cupboard over the stove and bestowed the title of "Most Favoritest".