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Mini Challenge: Make a trailer for your game.

A topic by JamSnack created 224 days ago Views: 134 Replies: 8
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If you have already finished your game and want to do more (or want to in general), than I have a mini challenge for you. All you have to do is make a generic trailer for the game you created. If you do and you upload it to youtube please tell me because I love trailers for games and stuff :P

I might try this.

Any free video editing software you could recommend?

Also any tools to get a good screen capture?

OBS / OBS Studio is pretty solid for (a completely free) screen capture software. It's reliable for a lot of different long-term uses if you want something to keep around after the jam.

OBS is technically intended for live streamers, but I've heard a lot of youtubers and whatnot use it for local recordings (I do as well). You just need to reduce the compression/etc. for a decent quality. (There are / should be plenty of tutorials for this around.)

While they're simpler to use, OBS is also a lot less resource-intensive on your computer than Fraps (free version limits record time), Bandicam (free version has watermarks), and CamStudio (only records to .avi/SWF), which are some free-ish alternatives. (I might be missing some?)

I was also going to suggest OBS, however I am also struggling to find a good free video editing software

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There's always Windows Movie Maker (/equivalents) if you're on Windows. It's really not bad for basic editing. I remember hearing that Macs also come with a basic video editor?

There's Lightworks if you want more special effects (free version is limited to mp4 exports & needs to be renewed weekly). I'd recommend Filmora, but the trial version's watermark is just too much to ever recommend for trailer work. Blender (a free 3D modeling software) has some awkward video editing and export tools as well.

There might be better ones out there I'm not aware of. At the very least, there's dozens of miscellaneous freeware junk floating around from old college programming assignments.

If you honestly want to work with a lot of text and get some nice effects, etc. without dishing out money for a video editor, though, you might be best off just working in your game engine of choice. ex: Make a new branch, hard code the trailer effects there with the right timing, then record what happens. (That workflow isn't always an option, I know, but it is fun.)


That's some pretty cool out of the box thinking! :D

Isn't it? I never thought about it until I was looking into cross-system video support in GameMaker:Studio. (I wanted to run a trailer the first time the game launches; it's a nice touch for those who picked it up from bundles / etc. and waited a while to see what it was.)

But it's apparently really hard to get all the right codecs playing nice on multiple systems, so there's not much support for videos in that engine. A lot of users on the forums over there recommended building cutscenes and trailers in-game as a result.

Turns out that's actually a really useful approach sometimes haha. You much have way more control over the scene in an engine than you do in most editing programs.


Maybe for a game jam one day somebody would make a video editor with the main focus of making trailers.