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Through the Window of Bizarre EcstasyView game page

Follow an android on his first journey to the outside world.
Submitted by Room UnInstall — 11 days, 8 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
VISUALS | Did this game have nice graphics, art or design?#15.0005.000
IDEA | Was this game innovative, or did it use interesting mechanics?#14.6674.667
AUDIO | Did this game have great music or sound design?#24.6674.667
MOOD | Did this game have atmosphere, or did it make you feel something?#34.6674.667
FUN | Was this game satisfying to play or did it bring you joy?#44.3334.333

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Daaaaaamn is that title screen gorgeous! O.o
Most of the rest of the art looks like rough unfinished sketchs, but these are sketchs I'd absolutely love to see finished! The characters were also pretty cute, the puzzles actually required a bit of thought to solve (I wonder if "ice" will be relevant later?) and the setup makes the plot seem interesting to unfold. 

Very good work on this, I'm eager to see more of it!


We are glad you enjoy it that much! Thank you so much for playing our game demo, and giving us this lovely feedback as well!

As we are short on people, we might keep this sketchy style for the CGs/cutscene images, but in exchange, we will make a lot of them so that the player can have a much better understanding at the story. If we finish them earlier than the schedule, we might color all of them as well! ;)

And "ICE" is not relevant to the later plot. It is a reference from the game "Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors", where the word "ICE" is one of the main clue to the whole story, as well as from our previous game "blindXpot", in which the player has to press "1CE" (basic calculator buttons) to process to the true ending.

(There is no harm in sharing this one, as the true ending requires other factors to get to the true ending.)

You have motivated us a lot, and we will try our best! Thank you so much again for your kind words, Weakest Imp! 


The game looks beautiful and it was far beyond what I was expecting for it having such few ratings. I enjoyed solving the puzzles as well. My only issue with it is that there is no indication that the player has completed the puzzle. I have nothing against doing it this way but I spent several minutes
wondering why my answer for the first question was wrong before I realized that you can turn the page. It would help if the player was told upfront that they won't be told if the answers are right until they turn in the book. It would also help to have more of a visual indicating that the page can be turned. I know the mouse cursor changes to look like an arrow when it is near the edge but I didn't know to look for it until I did it by accident. I look forward to playing the game when it is finished!


Thank you so much for your detailed feedback!  We deeply appreciate that!

We have been receiving feedback about the lack of comprehensibility from the UI. For the upcoming update, which might include Linux/MAC/Android version, we will try to improve the visual indication of the puzzles, as well as telling the total number of puzzles to the player in advance.

We have put a lot of effort into this game, and we are so happy reading your feedback again and again. Thanks again  for your kind words, Sisyphean Games!


All the handmade assets were absolutely beautiful and I admire the amount of work put into this demo. Well done to everyone who worked on it. After the puzzles and dialogue, the storybook video had a look and feel that was next-level. Love the style of those digital black and white images with that retro/posterized dots effect. I enjoyed the first and second puzzles, but that third puzzle was actually impossible without the walk-through. Spent about 15 minutes trying all the combinations! The UI could use icons for putting down papers and for turning pages, but other than that, everything felt really good. Congrats on finishing the demo for the game jam, you all should be proud!


Thank you so much for your detailed feedback! Just reading this once is enough to brighten up our day. 

All of the puzzles have their own unique solutions. That means they have only one correct solution for each of them. So it's possible to solve them, it's just that the third one's difficulty is quite high compared to the other two. 

Also, the UI is temporary and is expected to be improved a lot in the future. Please looking forward to the new look.

Again, thank you so much for all these kind words, Adam Kehl!