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Thanks. This line was the result of wanting to sound like an episodic show that goes on for way too long, but make clear to players that I don't actually plan on making a sequel
Glad you liked it ^^

Wow, I didn't think anyone would play this game and give me feedback so late after the jam. Thank you very much ^^

As for the bug,  I am well aware. The aiming system was rushed for the jam and had a number of issues, so I burned it all to the ground and made a more robust version without this issue, and most other I noticed. I didn't update this game because I didn't think many people would play it anyway ^^'
Maybe I should considering how glaring the bug is x)

For the part about being able to heal enemies, it is an intended mechanic, just like attacking your allies. Though there really insn't much point for the battles in this game, it is supposed to be a fringe yet viable option for some encounters (like when an ally can absorb an element, or the healing mechanic decreasing in effectiveness when used repeatedly, therfore wasting the enemy's recovery with tiny heals)

Arg, the dreadful "aim at your dead allies bug" on full display. I really should have spend more time on clearing bugs x)

It's a good video, got to see some games I was interested in but didn't get time to play myself ^^

I'm glad you liked it ^^

I was able to hide so many plot convenience behind magi-cat girl's wavering attention span. This kind of reaction for example was basically hiding the fact that, out of 3 scene transitions, 3 were made via loud noises from somewhere else x)

In the same category we have the "why do I always have to wait?" that was me realising mouse-gical girl was saying to wait too much for my liking. But with just this line from the cat, I didn't have to change anything else and it worked out perfectly ;)

I had a lot of fun myself writing this as a result. I even remember rewriting some part as they were not "stupid enough" x)

The real power of magical girls is the hope they create in your heart ^^ or something like that 

I know the mouse is capable to 1vALL even the final boss, I didn't get time to ponder balance much with this system. But I'm realising more and more things about it that will help me do a better job next time. And as you said, the game was fun anyway, so it didn't bother me all that much this time. Balance in one player experience is overrated anyway

As for the themes, I knew right off the bat it was the Madoka Magica series, but what can I say? The idea literally imposed itself to me after reading "the magical girl can be anything", and I am the kind of person that just gets swayed by inspiration when it's here. I hope this isn't too much of a problem...

I guess staying in the theme was compromised as soon as I thought "I want to make something innocent and uplifting, unlike what Madoka made of magical girls" anyway... >.> (Madoka's great, but kind of heavy I mean)

I've been really on and off about whether I would actually finish the jam or not during the entirety of it. I started on a pretty joke-y idea and just wanted to use it as an excuse to pratice stuff I was rusty or curious about: namely character design with skeletal animation, drawing backgrounds and music. Whether I finished the actual game or not wasn't a priority for me, as long as I learned a good amount about those things. I really wanted to stay chill during this jam.

In the end I only did one of those things and it took about a week of the jam, but I am very satisfied with how the characters turned out so it's okay. I spent a lot more time than I expected on how to make cutscenes, but at least I learned how to do it, so even if it's not something I set out to do, it's a win in my book.

You can really feel how bad the time constraints are when even the characters mention it ^^'

I quite like the characters portraits and the transformation with just a litteral avalanche of hearts is the most magical girl thing imaginable, I love it.

But beyond that, I don't feel like rating this game as it is makes much sense to me, considering how different it would be from the final vision. I'd be curious to see how it would look once you actually have time to make a few gameplay parts. Good luck with that ^^

I knew I was in for something when I saw "inspired by Madoka and Bloodborne", and boy was I right.

Though a bit rough (that's a given for a jam), the gameplay is quite smooth and I had no trouble doing what I was aiming for at any moment. Every move of the magical girl is satisfying to use

Also I find the game very pretty overall with a nice aesthetic, and I love the enemy design

I understand you plan to push this project further? So good luck with that ^^

OMG, your response just made me realise that the box could be used to change MY cycle. I was doing super complicated manipulations to change the enemy's cycle one by one, by pushing the box where they would have moved. This litterally made my time on the 11th level, like, 10 or 20 times shorter! I suddenly feel a whole lot of not smart right now XD

So in conclusion, good game, and I WAS doing something very weird.

This game has really impressive art. The models can feel stiff during cutscenes, but the battle animations are really cool, and I like the battle music a lot.

The battles themselves are okay, though I'm not a fan of battles with only one critical path to victory and everything else leading to certain defeat. But that's just my taste and one way of seeing it. The final boss makes for a good puzzle for example, especially with the cool music.

Good job on this game ^^

Did I mention I liked the music?

Why use time-altering magic clocks when you have a box? Boxs work just as well.

A good puzzle game. Quite hard by moments, but I cleared it, so I can feel smart about myself ^^ Most levels are well-constructed, with the solution being just hidden enough to feel satisfying to find.

It felt weird to just dash into enemies at times and being safe, but it makes sense quickly enough.

Though the mecanic of desynching the enemies with boxs instead of clocks in the last few levels could use a bit more intuitive logic. I stumbled upon it by chance and managed to clear the game with it, but I understand why people would get stuck. But once I realised it and used it, I did feel smart. That's the  delicate balance with puzzle games after all ^^'

(Or I just completly missed an obvious solution and did something weird with the box. That's possible too)

Anyway, these are at most nitpicks, I had fun playing the game. Good job! :)

A simple yet all around well executed game. It feels really smooth to play for the most part. What I liked the most were June's character animations and the sound design as a whole. It all felt so natural as I was playing

Good job on this game ^^

I didn't really thought of Vegeta when writing this, but I definitely see your point here x)

Now that I think about it, the way I did the writing weirds me out a bit. I didn't consider it at all among the things I had to take care of, yet thinking back I went back on it several times until I was satisfied, and ending up pouring more effort into it than I even realised. I guess it works out for the best. As unfortunate as the missing music is, the writing was basically the whole point of the game ^^

What do you mean a bra? Oh no... Now I see it too O.o

More seriously, I tried to do the kind of braided crown hairstyle some princesses or other nobles have in fantasy.  So no, she's not supposed to have a bra on her head

Unity is the same way in that regard, more geared toward games with physics. It's not that it's ill oriented for an RPG, it's just you will have to code everything from scratch yourself. That's why it's not necessarily hard, but it takes time to do everything properly.  The UI system of Unity, however, is a godsend to me

I haven't looked for much else to be honest, but I think that besides RPG Maker which makes it hard to add mechanics that aren't already in it, there is just no getting help for this kind of things, given how wildly different RPG systems can be at the lowest level

Thank you, I'm glad the jokes made you laugh ^^
I am very satisfied with the amount of personality I was able to squeeze out of the still decently limited RPG system, it worked better than I expected

Thank you, I'm glad you had fun ^^

I wish it had music too, and all around more polish, but between the lack of time for creating assets and the work-in-progress state of the underlying RPG system, I was already cutting it close with this much stuff...

Still, at the end of the day people can play it and enjoy it, and that's something to be happy about.  And thank you for the magical girls design, that's the part I spent the most effort on. Glad to see it paid off ^^

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it ^^

I'm pretty happy with how the chara design turned out, considering I wanted to focus on the art for this jam and spent half of it on the girls. The final boss is also my favorite despite rushing her at the last minute. Happy accidents happen, that's what Game Jam are about

About the turn-based RPG, by all means, do not try it during a Jam, or only do a really basic one. This system comes from another one of my project I have spent weeks of work on, and I was mostly testing how much I could adapt it to another setting on the fly. Though I have to admit it's VERY satisfying to create, turn-based rpg are more complex to create than first seems...

TL;DR: The RPG system wasn't completed in the time frame at all.

Bonne remarque, j'avais essayé de le mettre en avant avec l'écran titre, mais ça n'a pas de raison de ne pas être dans la description, donc je l'ai ajouté ^^

Content que ça t'ai plu! Les mécaniques sont censés être présentées peu à peu au joueur au cours du début du jeu, mais comme le prototype actuel ne montre qu'un combat isolé, je ne pouvais pas tout assommé dans un mûr de texte... Mais un tuto digne de ce nom est prévu pour le début du jeu è.é

I have no idea what that what that was, but that was absolutely amazing!

I found the story very funny, but I had nothing more than a red screen and text. It's either super meta or an unfortunate bug


Est-il possible de mettre un fangame sur lequel du travail a déjà été fait avant la jam, tant que le résultat soumis ne dépasse pas la minute et que la majorité a été faite pendant la jam?

J'ai un projet en cours de RPG Digimon, et j'aimerais en présenter le système de combat (probablement la seule partie qui sera proche d'être terminée à la fin du mois) en quelques combats qui prendraient environ 1 minute.

There is some positive in the game: the graphism and atmosphere is pretty good, the tutorial written on the floor and wall is is easy on the eye and  effective (for the most part) and the setting has undeniably potential.

Unfortunatly I've had a frustrating experience because of the level design of the game... You mentioned in other comments that a lot of people die in front of the first mummy; that's because when you introduce the click to take item, the player has to move toward what seems to be the only thing they can interact with and click. So when you tell the player to press a new button right after, they are gonna do the same (get close to the sarcophagus) and then press E, only to get mauled to death instantly '~'

Also, towards the end with spiked pit, I fell for quite a stupid reason (me really). Considering what revealed the way was an eye, I considered that the way to the last artifact was merely invisible but still here, and that I could keep going without alarming the mummies much. At the bottom of the pit, I realized I was wrong. I didn't feel like doing the game again from the start so I stopped there...

All in all, I've probably had the worst possible experience I could have had with this game, no luck ^^' But aside from these two mishaps, which I'm way too salty about to be honest, that was a great work! Keep working on it and I'm sure it will turn out to be a very good game :)

The mechanic is very interesting and well-presented to the player! I was also impressed by the animations of the player and ghost, as well as the art style as a all. 

Still a higher jump for the player would have been nice. I had a lot of trouble infinite jumping at the end to get across the two last walls with the small box, until I realized I wasn't supposed to it by throwing myself in an eternal void x)

Although it was short, it was a good game, especially for a jam. ^^

Congrats! ^^
There are a total of 3 different enemies in the game. To find out what they are, you'll have to climb higher ;)   (or just check the other comments) 

The game technically has no end, so an indicator did not cross my mind, but that would be an interesting idea. I had so many ideas of effects for that speed boost but deadline o'clock came too soon and that was all I could get in. Guess I'll just keep these ideas for next time.

I'm glad you liked it ^^

What's smoothing again?

Right, I completly forgot about it while I was working on the project! At least I won't forget next time :o

Glad you enjoyed the game, that's really the whole point of making them in my opinion ^^

That was actually the first time I did any music at all, and I had to rush it in 30 minutes, so that was to be expected... Still, that is kind of my greatest master piece to this day, but I fully intend to keep trying to make better music è.é

Well, eagles don't really have any business with ghosts after all. Demons on the other end, wouldn't let you get away so easily. As for aliens... well your guess is as good as mine. ^^'

(1 edit)

For some reason, I emphasized with the Imp. I wonder why... 

Anyway, that was a really interesting concept. I really wanted to get the truth out of her, but right from the start I kinda knew I'd never really get a straight-forward answer from her... And then I got the most unfortunatly straight-forward answer she could have given me, ripping it of all context. We should really teach kids how to communicate better. (I'm realising as I write this how I misunderstood at first and took a wrong decision... Powerful feeling ^^)

And the way you only get one chance at it... Nasty. I love it! (Edit: cracked open a way to retry, just to confirm how much of a fool I can make myself :p)

What a touching story. The music was fitting and the character portraits were rough looking but worked well within the aesthetism.

Was the demon and the shrink sprite the same for a certain reason or simply because of lack of resources? Oh, the theory crafting just waiting to happen *o*
A bit disappointed by the lack of importance in the choices, but overall I really appreciated it ^^

Nice little concept. The art and audio is used effectively, they really get you in the mood of the game.

I was a bit frustrated when they got away from me by going everywhere on the map and all the gemps just came from one chest, I couldn't save them all from hell no matter how hard I tried :'( 

Guess that was the point ^^

A cute looking and sounding game, very soothing
Still the limitation hit the game quite hard. Just 2 buttons for a menu-based game is pretty limited

That's a good concept, and overall a pretty good game ^^
Unsurprisingly, Angron is a savage. When I don't filter there love letters, he's always the one creating wars

The puzzle's idea were pretty good, incinerating part of the world to keep balance.

However the gameplay suffered heavily from the two buttons restriction and became tedious.

Ethical choices are a complicated things, especially in games. It is therefore very interesting, but also easy to have it go wrong.

Altough I didn't want to, I happened to kill every one because there was no way to talk it out and "die" is really not an option for me. Especially if it's just for one stranger's kid to get to a good school.
You say I need help because I killed everyone, but everyone wanted to kill me so who can I ask for help? :'(

Also, according to the question, my fate is to die. Are you the one who contracted all these people to kill me? :o

Merci, content que le jeu t'ai plu ^^
Je suis assez satisfait de l'intro, et j'aurais voulu mettre un peu plus de punch à d'autres endroits, comme le game over, mais on manque toujours de temps pendant une game jam. C'est pourquoi je n'ai pas pu y mettre de musique non plus
L'histoire du score c'est juste un placeholder mal initialisé. Mais tu peux t'en débarrasser si tu dépasse 15 ;)

Argh, I didn't think this through when mapping the buttons for trying again. It's possible to do it by pressing "Enter" or "R" which will not make Youmu shoot though, if that helps ^^'
I realized towards the end that many of the design choices I took for granted for a normal danmaku simply do not work with the concept of "don't hit the boss", but it was too late in development to make any meaningful changes... So I let the player have an advantage by making the bottom and top of the screen "safe" during the first phase. Otherwise the fight was just impossible :x
Ooh, nice idea. Additional attacks to dodge instead of directly losing a life seems more interesting indeed ^^

Thanks for your comment, it gives me a lot to think about!

Thanks for your comment. I didn't realize this was an issue since I retried with "Enter" or R during playtesting, but I see the problem.

That requires some precise resource management (or dumb luck) to get, but yeah It is somehow possible to win and lose at the same time x)

I sure did, that was a very good game. I mean I actually went back to it when I realized I missed stuff after all ^^

I am all too familiar with the "stuff that could be put in the game with just one more hour", it's something we have to live with in a Jam. But what's really important is that what IS in the game is cool :)

A very good game overall. The writing is funny and well-thougt. The Visuals are very good, especially the 2D portaits. Although no walk animation is a bit off putting at first.

The use of the "Identity" theme was very creative as well!

Only small problem I encountered: I was able to "solve" the case without once going to see Remilia. Was a bit weird to be honest.