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Really lovely, and the music is quite nice!

The particle effect on the laser is fantastic! It's fun to shoot even when there isn't anything to shoot with it. Nice!

This is fun and definitely feels retro! I just wish I had a shield, sometimes those enemies are hard to predict.

Really fun twist on chess!

Really cool! My high score was just over 300 seconds. Such a neat combo of tower defense and rhythm game. The hand drawn art was really charming as well

This is exactly what we needed to hear! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I totally agree with the lack of stone walls limiting the possibilities, We're definitely going to do something to change this. We really weren't happy with the balance in the last versions and I'm afraid we waaaay overcompensated in this one. I think you're right about the caltrops, we're going to balance this by giving them limited durability.

I'm glad to hear you liked the old draw 5 mechanic! That kind of feedback is amazingly helpful for us. I like that mechanic too, but the reason we decided to try something different is we didn't like all the time spent waiting for more cards and we thought the most fun part of the game is building up your castle from scratch.  Giving the game shorter levels that revolve around that was something we wanted to try. The next update we're working on now will be making some sections interact-able. So your murder holes will charge up and you can choose when to drop them for example. Does the game moving in that direction interest you or do you think that goes astray of what made you like it to begin with?

The infinite arcadey survival mode is a great idea! And a great way to bring back the draw 5 if we decide to stick with the new mechanic. A daily challenge mode, where you're given a random set of cards on a random map and you see how long the castle you build can survive, is another idea I have been thinking about adding.  A creative mode would be really fun too!

Anyway thanks so much again, your comment was really helpful. 

Lindy Hop classes cancelled :( 

Adorable game tho!

Hey thanks for the feedback! Having deckbuilding choices before the missions is a fantastic idea, and yeah getting a hand of all stone walls really sucks. 

We're actually about to put out an update that changes the structure of the game and hopefully will really improve on these aspects. At the start of each level you'll use your whole deck to build your castle and then the enemy waves will be much shorter, just a few more intense waves. The deckbuilding will be between levels. We have a new map and map gameplay too! 

If you have a chance to give it another go after we get the update out in a week or so we'd love to hear what you think. Thanks again!

it's existential.... i love it

Really cool idea, and the controls are so fun to use

Hey, Thanks for playing and for the comment! We've been working on the problem with the enemies getting stuck and it should be fixed in the next update. We're going to make it so the player can't place sections on top of enemies but we just haven't gotten around to it. Being able to demolish sections is a good idea!

This was fun! You're right about the balance, but it was still fun to play

Really cool, I could definitely see a deck builder like this. An interesting idea and well executed 

Really interesting!! I wish there was more in the description about how the Genetic Algorithm is evolving the enemies between generations. 

I loved all the different swords in the treasure room lol. This was fun!

This is so adorable.

Hey this is a nice start! It took me a while to figure out I could double jump, it might be nice if the character in the cave told you how to double jump.

Neat! I have heard good things about Thinking, Fast and Slow but I haven't read it, playing this makes me want to go get it!

Neat! The worm is nice and scary looking.

This is really cool! The art style is really nice and the units are each unique and interesting. Can't wait to see how this grows and develops

wonderful, unexpected but really enjoyed this


The high score is totally there!  I think HS is clear enough, I just totally missed it lol

Really neat. The art and music are fantastic. I enjoyed the simple combat system.

The controls really do emulate a Kayak, that is so unique and fun! The whirlpools making you switch direction rather than just making you crash is such a good design idea. A distance tracker would be cool, I'd love to be able to know what my high score is.

Love the retro aesthetic and it's such an interesting design that you have to be very careful not to waste moves! 

Such a beautiful to look at game! The narration and music are so charming as well.

Hey this is really quite neat! Looks awesome, music and sfx lovely as well.

Really neat! I like the presentation of the game, it really has a retro feel.

Love the idea of being a shrimp swarm!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the tip! This was my first time doing pixel art; my teammate has done a bit before on some of our other projects. I'll definitely keep that in mind next time I do pixel art.

Hey thanks for playing!  Yeah I wish we had just a bit more time..

Yeah we realized after the deadline that there is a bug that causes enemies to stop spawning after a little while. Without the constant spawning of enemies its far too easy to just clear them out.

Thanks for the feedback and we are sorry to hear that. We have noticed the lag issue as well and are working to have it fixed in the next version. 

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Thanks for playing! We have a bunch of great changes planned for the future.

Glad you liked it! I agree on the music and it's high on the list of things to improve. As for the bug, thanks for letting me know. The plan is to switch to a better navigation system soon which should take care of the issue. 

Sounds good. Let me know if you update it and I'll give it another play.