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Make some friends in a cute tiny town.
Submitted by HoleyCheese (@LlamaCheez) with 10 minutes, 41 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
AUDIO | Did this game have great music or sound design?#442.8403.667
VISUALS | Did this game have nice graphics, art or design?#533.0984.000
MOOD | Did this game have atmosphere, or did it make you feel something?#582.8403.667
FUN | Was this game satisfying to play or did it bring you joy?#802.3243.000
IDEA | Was this game innovative, or did it use interesting mechanics?#991.8072.333

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How long has this Project been going?
On and off again since September 2017.

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This game is very relaxing, man. It gives off a very nostalgic Nintendo DS game vibe, and I love that about it. It feels like there's some secret dark ending, but I don't know lol. Very nice game :)


Thanks you :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Nice art/graphics! You should continue updating and adding more to the game, I would love to see more and think it has some real promise! 


Thanks, I went and removed the unused assets so it's much better now.


Fantastic! I was only a little urgent because I know some people might not want to download such a huge file. Edited my original comment! I look forward to more work from you.

Submitted (1 edit)

Woah, Windpws Defender SmartScreen blocked both applications. I'd never seen that before.
Of course, they were just un-packers so I unziped the exe directly and saw that it's a cute RPG Maker game. What was I supposed to do in that little town though?


It's a small game, there are 5 characters you can talk to and you can collect and sell fruit.  It just took me too long making the art, haha. As for the blocking, I have no idea why that happens or how to verify it's virus-free, so I'll be looking into that.

Submitted (4 edits) (+1)

That's cool and it has very cute graphics, good job!
Don't worry about Windows Defender. That thing complained about several more executables and I'm guessing it's because they have no "Publisher" assigned. Windows nonsense.


Yeah I've had it happen with several games here. I don't really care about it anymore.