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Brooke Vs. World DoomView game page

Use wacky weapons and crazy powerups to obiterate evil in this action thrillride!
Submitted by SlyBalto (@SlyBalto) — 6 days, 7 hours before the deadline
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Overall Fun#103.8003.800

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Just made my let’s play on your game as a regular player (so it’s without voice comments). I hope it will be useful for you to see how fresh players might start your game for the first time :) I’ll provide text comments later, probably after finishing the videos for the other projects :)


Fun game with a great art style and interesting mechanics. I feel the music let it down every no and then though, but great game!


I love the art, and that the main character is a woman! :)

Initially, I didn't realize that the character faces where the mouse is, so the character was facing left, and I thought I had to go left, and kept dying by dropping off the cliff. It took me quite a while to realize that I was supposed to go right. Maybe have a wall instead of a cliff in the beginning?

The weapon choices were pretty cool, the surfboard especially was very funny. I reached the part about using shift to dash, and I think I was supposed to dash-jump? But I couldn't make the jump and got stuck and eventually gave up.

I liked that the quit button was "rage quit"


Thanks for giving the game a shot!!

I can add something that makes it more clear that you're supposed to go to the right at the start of the first level, I think I can figure out how to set the mouse's location so it's somewhere on the right side of the screen, making it more clear you go to the right.

For the dash-jump, you actually can dash while you're in the air, instead of dashing on the ground and then going into a dash-jump, I can try adding a sign that makes it more clear that you can do this for sure.

Glad you like the rage quit button!! Lots of players enjoy that haha

Jam Host (2 edits) (+1)

I would love to give this game a higher rating if I could get unstuck some how on stage 2, stage 1 is tight and fun to play, stage 2 I got lost at where I should go at one point and could not continue. I hope that's just me and no one else has the same issue. For a player with less platform skill like me more road signs inside the game would be helpful. XD

Also another feedback is I wish Brooke could flip/climb every surface, some surface she can and some she can not and there is no explanation. I would love to see a bit more intro story about the cause of her action adventure like Sonic/Megaman series would do. 

I got lost/stuck at around 37 mins in:


Hey there!! I saw the clip from your twitch, I just went ahead and changed the area so it should be less confusing, I made it more clear you can go backwards and try the section again, and I also moved that foreground section a lot lower so it's easier to read what "layer" you're on if that makes sense!

There's a select few surfaces/objects that Brooke can't walljump/flip off, I can try making them more clear that Brooke can't walljump off them. In Level 2's case, there's the bamboo, which are getting a visual overhaul so it actually looks more like it LOL. Also, I can add more spots in Level 2's bamboo areas where you can walljump off of (via the wooden platform walls hooked on their sides) so it's easier to maneuver, I'll watch your playthrough again so i can take some more notes! 📝

Story is coming!! Got the first draft almost finished and I do plan on adding 2D comic book style cutscenes eventually! Currently looking into ways to fit in at least some kind of story explanation for each level for now, thanks so much for the great feedback!!

Jam Host(+1)

Awesome. I will give it another go after the update. :) Thanks for taking my suggestions and implementing it. 


No problem!! 😁


In terms of fast paced gameplay this game gets the closest to Jazz Jackrabbit 2, which is awesome!

Great job!


Thank you!! I've actually never gotten the chance to check out the Jazz Jackrabbit series so I'm gonna give JJ2 a shot! 🔫🐰


You will have a very good time with it! I bet! It even works in online multiplayer (even to this day on GOG) and local multiplayer (coop or versus)