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Sweet dude!!

This is really cool!!!

Thanks for giving the game a shot!!

I can add something that makes it more clear that you're supposed to go to the right at the start of the first level, I think I can figure out how to set the mouse's location so it's somewhere on the right side of the screen, making it more clear you go to the right.

For the dash-jump, you actually can dash while you're in the air, instead of dashing on the ground and then going into a dash-jump, I can try adding a sign that makes it more clear that you can do this for sure.

Glad you like the rage quit button!! Lots of players enjoy that haha

No problem!! 😁

Hey there!! I saw the clip from your twitch, I just went ahead and changed the area so it should be less confusing, I made it more clear you can go backwards and try the section again, and I also moved that foreground section a lot lower so it's easier to read what "layer" you're on if that makes sense!

There's a select few surfaces/objects that Brooke can't walljump/flip off, I can try making them more clear that Brooke can't walljump off them. In Level 2's case, there's the bamboo, which are getting a visual overhaul so it actually looks more like it LOL. Also, I can add more spots in Level 2's bamboo areas where you can walljump off of (via the wooden platform walls hooked on their sides) so it's easier to maneuver, I'll watch your playthrough again so i can take some more notes! 📝

Story is coming!! Got the first draft almost finished and I do plan on adding 2D comic book style cutscenes eventually! Currently looking into ways to fit in at least some kind of story explanation for each level for now, thanks so much for the great feedback!!

You had me when the Subway Surfers soundtrack started blasting 🎵

Pretty fun stuff!! Faithful to old-school games like Metal Slug/Contra, but almost to a fault. Stuff like having a hue fall after one tiny mistake on the section where you gotta climb far up in the first level has that familiar frustrating design to it, but at least it's nothing that's "so bad you wanna chuck the game out the window". You could try adding some terrain that'll help sort of "catch" the player placed halfway up the section so it's not as much of a fall! Also, is there a way to get more lives? This game has that classic issue where harder sections of the level get less practice that I need because I keep dying and running out of lives and have to start all over, it's alright if the game's got limited lives, but not being able to earn more feels a bit dated.

Gameplay wise this game has tight, responsive controls, and it's fun to shoot up baddies, but suffers from have only a bit of enemy/obstacle variety and (as far as I can tell) no powerups or items, so there's not much reason to try exploring the level terrain. You could add some nifty powerups that'll shake things up like extra weapons or making the dash deadly when used through enemies or the ability to regain health when defeating enemies, etc.

Overall very fun, great looking too!!

Yeah this one goes hard! Super polished and the soundtrack is seriously good 🎵

I'm getting "2011 Shockwave games while in the school library " vibes with this one, pretty fun!!

Oooo awesome!!

Yeahhh this is great!! Love the combo of big sci fi guns and wacky magic spells! Egyptian tombs and architecture with a starry space sky is already so iconic. I got just a few thoughts:

When you get hit, I think having the whole screen turn red is kinda distracting, maybe you could make it so that it's just a red glow on the sides instead? That way it's clear you got hit, but it doesn't distract from the action. Also, adding an icon that shows where the last hit came from would come in handy, especially in the larger, more open levels.

I think the FOV was just slightly too low for my tastes, adding a way to adjust it would be pretty neat! I know some FPS fans like to really crank it up LOL

The game's overall difficulty feels a bit too high, like for example there's a lot of strong enemies at every corner even in the first level, maybe you could have a few selectable difficulties that have less enemies on easier modes and more on hard.

Overall, this one's really cool, fun to play, and I'm excited to see what's next!!

Thank you!! I've actually never gotten the chance to check out the Jazz Jackrabbit series so I'm gonna give JJ2 a shot! 🔫🐰

This one's got some potential! Just a few thoughts:

While on my journey to complete basic math, I find myself having a bit of a hard time aligning the top arrow with where I want it and I think I know what might help, I notice the controls are kinda slippery; it's not as snappy as you'd expect it to be, but I think this could be an easy adjustment. Being able to hold down the arrow to smoothly move left and right actually feels like it makes things harder. I think players will enjoy being able to just manually tap left and right.

Also, I think I've seen puzzle games do a thing before where the entire selected column has some sort of highlight/glow to make it more clear what column you're picking, cuz you gotta keep up your momentum and having to manually check where your arrow is up above and looking all the way back down to see the blocks takes just enough time that it makes it harder to get much done.

You know the "next" number block on the right side? I think if it was also color coded like the blocks already in game that would help a bit too. I think the music and art could get a lil bit of a boost as well, currently it's all "okay", but maybe you could find a specific style that stands out a bit and dive deep into it, whether it's something futuristic and synthwave-y, or more urban with bricks and graffiti and a more jazzy or hip-hop soundtrack, or maybe something very "Y2K" aesthetic like CROSSNIQ+, which funny enough is also a puzzle game!

Nice work so far!!!

Looks awesome! Looking forward to a demo if there's plans for one 🤞

thank you so much!! 😁

Love this game so much that I made a fan trailer!! Keep up the great work homie!! 🎉🎈

Watch it here!

hey no problem!! 💜 with the tilting you could do something interesting where the pond tilts a bit smoother, i think there's an add-on for Unity that helps gives things a smoother movement/rotation to stuff, but BurtBot knows more about that tho haha

This is really nice and relaxing! I'm getting the same vibes as those old 2000's games. I think it would be just a bit better if the maps didn't tilt and there wasn't a sound effect played every time you moved, I think that kinda disrupts the quiet, relaxing nature of the game (especially if you spam the controls).

Overall, this is some great work!

Yo thanks for the feedback! Do the hats not feel very powerful? I can try boosting their strength for ones like the double shots, like I could make it a spread shot instead. If I were to try making this more "complete" are there any hat powerup ideas you had in mind?

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely was struggling with coming up with ways to actually make it more Christmas-like haha, I think I focused strictly on the gameplay a bit more than I should've, looking back I think I could've done more to make powerups/weapons that actually make it feel like it's a Christmas game,and maybe a few main gameplay mechanics too like delivering presents, etc. I wanted to add more but realized I had to wrap it up eventually haha, glad you enjoyed it though!!

Thank you very much! I would love to continue the project if enough people are interested in playing a full version! I'm currently working on another bigger project so time is scarce, but it could be the next game after it if people are interested 👍

Thank you so much!! I'll be honest and say the stuff that I was able to cram into my game are iterations on systems I've already made before on failed projects, and I only figured out how to do all the wacky stuff that I can do now with tons of practice and watching lots and lots of YouTube tutorials! I got to try out your game ChrisMaze and I think it's pretty good for a game jam game! I think you got this, it comes down to learning from a lot of different sources and then practices making stuff and seeing what works/doesn't work, and then iterating on those systems. Never give up!! 😋

My game just got the BurtBot stamp of approval!? GOOOSHHH

This is so cool!!! Tested it out with an emulator and it works really well, it does have a bit of chugging at times but I might be able to adjust the settings. Super impressive you were able to make this though! 🎄

Gosh/10 Would toss a  dwarf again!

I'd say the enemies aren't too hard usually but something kinda weird happens at times if you get too close they just stop attacking, so then you have to back up and the civilians don't back up with you, so then they're not in the shield anymore and by the time the enemy gets triggered again to fire the civilians are in the way. I had a thing happen where an enemy started shooting at me from like 50 yards away and so i had to very carefully aim the deflected bullets back at him. I think the enemies aren't tough but they feel more inconsistent, which makes them tricky. They also don't move around so you can just catch at least 3 bullets, walk up to them, and the bullets caught will instantly kill them, so if they moved around (even just a little bit) that'll make it more interesting to fight them.

And for the timer, what could make it easier is adding some time whenever you deliver a civilian maybe? Or you could find clock pickups hidden away that can add time too.

Excited to see what happens next with the project!! :D

Hey there! Got the chance to play through this version of the game and I have some feedback for ya.

I think the gameplay needs some “umph” to it, so to add some more spice to the game, I drafted some ideas on characters/mechanics you can try adding to the game!

  • More than one civilian drop off point

Having 2 or 3 spots on each map where the player can take the civilians will instantly fix issues where the player has to go back through the same areas over and over if they don’t want to escort everyone at the same time. I personally tried to take back about 5 civilians at a time so i can better protect them, but found myself having to go through the same few sections again and again, since there wasn’t another choice. The maps also seem to be built where it’s not completely free roam, but more like a bunch of paths that don’t connect with one another. They all lead back to the same point, but you can’t go from one area to another, so building a strategy to pick up civilians ends up feeling very one-note.

  • Drop the time limit or ease it up in the early levels of the game

I talked to some friends who played escort missions in games before and they said that harsh time limits nearly always ruined the experience, creating unwanted stress. It’s okay to have a limit, but for sure in the early levels it should be much more forgiving. You can always have a Hardcore mode that has harsh time limits too!

  • Police characters

If you can find them, police characters could follow the player and help fend off enemies with their own attacks, but they still can die too, so the player can’t 100% rely on them, but this can easily add more depth to the gameplay. It’ll also give players a reason to explore the map a bit.

  • Mercenary characters

A more complicated idea, I had a concept where you can find/earn currency (we’ll call them Credits) after completing levels and you can hire a mercenary to help fight off enemies. They’re stronger than the police and have more health, but they still cost credits, so the player has a choice: save their credits and fight off the enemies themselves, or spend a little money for some extra help.

  • Doctor/medical characters

Another character type you could find is a healer type that can restore some health in the civilians. Another problem my friends noted in escort missions was if whoever/whatever you were escorting took too much damage at a certain point, it becomes nearly impossible to beat because there wasn’t a single way to give them any of their health back

I think you have a great start to something that honestly could be great, I dunno your limitations but I’d love to see you try to expand the gameplay and mechanics so the gameplay feels more fleshed out and exciting! ;D

Hype train has arrived at the station, now boarding 😎

This is just like that one time I played Blur for Xbox 360 at SlyBalto's house

Thank you!! Just wanted to make sure it was a good as can be ;)

This really makes you FEEL like you're on a secluded island on a newly terraformed moon 279 years into the future.

Glad you had a fun time! I'll look into making those wooden platforms  less infuriating ASAP 👍

Webster is a bigger boss 😎

Hmm, does the music stop working? Or are the controls just locked up? Also, do you have the newest version downloaded, 7_19? I had a 7_10 version up for a short period before a friend found out a major bug so I uploaded the 7_19  hot fix.

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you had a great time! For awhile now I have been thinking about giving Brooke 360 degree aiming, and I think I might actually be able to do it. I made a test project for a twin stick shoot em up before and I actually got 360 degree aiming working for both keyboard+mouse and on a controller after doing some research. It would be some work to redesign the controls and make the animations work correctly for Brooke with the new system, but I'm gonna do some experimenting. Also, the surf boards will return in a future level for sure!

This dude really be out here wanting a $10 game to be free wow 😂

This game is a great example of why I love indie game projects so much. Toxic Pink is a ton of fun and has an incredible visual style!

Twitter is something else haha, but fr tho this game's humor is really inspiring since I'm trying to develop a humorous game too :)

So I'm playing the demo and this game is the funniest thing ever?? Whoever wrote this is seriously a genius I can't get enough of this game's insane humor.