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just filled out the form 👍

Thank you for this masterpiece I hope this game blows up 🙌🔥

Awesome, I totally can try out test builds, looking forward to what's next!!

Super awesome little game, everything is polished and looks/feels great. Tons of talent on the dev team, bravo!!

Hey np man!! I totally get the struggle with music haha, looking forward to Waythed 3 and the improvements it'll bring ✌

Solid fondation, but I think the game is just a bit too generic, stylistically and in gameplay. Sprite work for things like the blocks you jump on are just a bit too "hey that looks like Mario Bros" for my liking, and I wish there was something that made this stand out more. Flex those creative muscles, I think you can still make this work!

I wish the difficulty in the main levels starts just a bit higher than the guide levels feel cuz this game has tons of potential, but it's just a bit too hard to get into the main levels, since they feel like that crushingly-difficult old school kinda feel, which works for some but I think most people would rather the game slowly build up to that level of difficulty. One thing I'd like to see is the level design given some room to breathe; most levels feel really tight and claustrophobic atm.

Having to press spacebar/ W or S to make yourself heavier versus the traditional jump is such a small change but it gives this game such a massive difference in feel compared to other games. Balance out the difficulty curve, you've got something here!

Oh also, the music didn't really seem to fit well, the game has this 2000's Flash/PC Game aesthetic and I think something like House or Trance would pair with the visuals much better!

Thank you!!

Synthwave and Tanks is a combo I never thought I needed!

If you're planning on sticking with the idea of blowing up tanks as a way to chill, you could try putting in some vaporwave style music. The current classical tune (which I presume is placeholder) doesn't really fit. I got a few picks that you could listen to for some ideas, I imagine the music being just lively enough that it makes you wanna tap a foot to it, but retains that more down-low tempo:

コンシャスTHOUGHTS - Slowly
Bodyline ボディーライン - ElapseWindows 96 - Rituals
bl00dwave - EncountersInternet Club - Logon Cafeluxury elite - S.W.A.K.

If you're looking for some ideas for secondary weapons or items the player can pick up, there's this old tank game called Battletanx: Global Assault (specifically the Nintendo 64 version) that has an interesting roster of secondary weapons you can check out for brainstorming. I made an unlisted video for ya that showcases all of them below! I think players being able to explore the map and find extra weapons could be super cool and add variety to the gameplay. I imagine the weapons in your game being tuned for the gameplay/vibe vs. just the same ones as the examples here haha.

In your game, I did notice that there wasn't much reason to not use the Pitch when firing, since it would hit enemies more often than just not holding it down, so maybe Pitch could be used to specifically help target enemies that are really far away, but can't hit enemies up-close, and vise versa?

I imagined instead of breakable city buildings there's instead old ancient ruins or tall crystal structures that shatter completely once damaged enough. It could help the game stand out being in this totally different world and environment vs other tank games, but it also could be easier to implement these instead of entire full-fledged buildings.

These are just some thoughts I had, you're free to take this game in whatever direction you'd like! Feel free to reach out to me if you're looking for a test player or would like to hear more thoughts from me, cheers!!

Thanks so much for giving my game a go!! I can totally make the difficulty adjustable! I'll keep it simple for now with a single slider that tunes stuff like how much higher enemy health gets as the rounds go on and the speed multiplier increasing much faster. The Fridge is getting nerfed as we speak!! I also heard from others it's OP so that blue guy is gonna get toned down so things feel more balanced.

I got new enemies planned so you won't always be fending off hoards of pink and blue Hungrys, I'm thinking about focusing more on introducing bigger, tougher, slow moving enemies vs. just throwing a bazillion little guys and calling it a day for every round. The game auto-generates rounds after 10 so I'm gonna handcraft more of them that introduce new enemies, offers more unique combos of enemies, etc.

I've still been a bit stuck on how I can make the late game after round 30-35 more exciting, but I think I'll figure out something after talking with more fellow devs and other players, thanks for the great feedback!!

Glad you enjoyed the game!!

I know others have said this before but a single player mode would be awesome! My 2nd controller isn't working atm so I couldn't try it out

Thanks for the feedback!! Glad you've enjoyed it again! I did my best to make things feel more balanced.

Something I've been a bit stuck on is the balance and gameplay of the mid to late game, so I'll have to take a look at what everyone's suggested so far and spend some time really thinking on what are the best choices. I do know I like the idea that the game should be designed to keep the player on their feet, contrasting to other TD games where the player can potentially build defenses and just kinda let it go on it's own for a while, but at the same time I didn't wanna make the game feel like the player has to constantly move around every second either. It's a balancing act and I'll have to work on it!

I'll look into balancing the Fridge so the other two are a bit more viable! I got plans to release the per-round metal payout cap and adjust the payout as the rounds go on as well. Will do my best to upgrade this game the best way I can, thanks for playing!!

I learned throughout the years that the more you embrace change and keep yourself flexible, the more fun you'll have building fun stuff and the better you'll get, so hopefully I'm doing an okay job at that LOL. A lot of the great points you wrote about were already in the back of my mind, but it's great to actually hear it from others. I've already begun writing down all of the ideas and feedback I've been given by you and others that have checked out this revamped version! I already wasn't like loving the old aesthetic and the other issues with gameplay balance and stuff weren't helping, but now it's way more fun to work on, glad I made changes!

Optimization is something I'm gonna try to get work on after I reach out to some peeps that know Unreal Engine really well cuz I dunno why this little game runs so poorly on a lot of hardware, so hopefully I can get that fixed up down the line! There may be something unused but active that's CPU/GPU intensive so I'll have to do my research on that, can't beat up baddies at 10FPS LOL.

Options menu is comin', just been bit busy doing tons of work on the gameplay, I can make a quick menu that at least lets you adjust the graphics and I'll add a restart button too.

The metal is capped at 200 but I can easily release that cap, when I get to work on this project again I can send you some test builds to try and see what's the best way to increase the metal after 200! Same with the buildable turrets I'll be overhauling their balance. I think what I could do is increase the speed the knife blocks put out knife piles and raise the amount of piles that can be out at once per block.

I'll keep in mind the idea that you can "let go" the controls and let all 3 Appliances use their passive attacks, I dig the idea of the risk/reward possibilities with that. Maybe there's like a slight firing rate increase buff or something? I can also add in a switch delay so players can't switch between the Appliances as quickly!

Custom mouse cursor and keeping it locked in the game are comin'!

I'll keep in touch when I get the chance to put out some test builds, your feedback has been crazy helpful, thanks for playing!!

Thanks so much for the kind words!! Before and while I worked on this game I did actually revisit a bunch of older flash games through Flashpoint for inspiration, both stuff I've played and things I haven't check out before, so I guess I had some nostalgia on the mind haha. Been trying to combine that old PC game charm with a modern package so I hope I'm on the right path LOL. I heard from others too that they'd love to see various kitchen themes so I can try giving that a go whenever I get to create new maps!

Thanks so much for giving it a go!! Yeah I def. want to add some much needed spice after like round 20ish, I know for sure I'd like to add more enemy types, I considered some ideas where there's different types of damage that the appliances can do so the Oven could do burn damage, fridge can cause Freeze damage which slows down the enemies, etc.

There's an idea I wanted to try where the appliances are given an extra active attack when you hit level 10. This instead could be a special ability or big attack you could activate, but I'll have to think about all this cuz I'm in a weird spot where it's hard to tell what's the best thing for this game haha. 

I thought about dabbling with a 'city in the sky' kinda direction for the backdrop, I'm glad to hear you like the art style!! I wanted to really double down on something stylized, so I'll keep on tuning it as I go, thx again for the feedback!!

I got the chance to check out your VOD, thanks so much for giving the game a go, I'm super happy you enjoyed it!!

I saw in your chat peeps thought the title/visuals are kinda misleading and yeah I can see that, I got plans to make the game a different theme cuz I personally haven't been too thrilled with how I've gone with the "spooky kitchen" so I'm gonna go for more of a "protect the kitchen from some wacky creatures, and also everything is kinda funny and cute" kind of vibe. I'll do a rebrand down the line. Already got some work done on overhauling the visuals and I'll get to the "eh" UI eventually. More enemy types are planned and I already have a unique buildable/upgradable tower for each main tower working too. Also, the main towers can now earn XP and level up to get stronger too. I'll add some crosshairs so it's easier to aim at enemies for both keyboard + mouse and for controllers. I'll need to look into optimizing the game more, Unreal Engine loves to be hard to run haha. I can totally add an option to play the game in windowed mode when I build out an options menu. I've already made some changes to how the enemies get harder as the rounds go on. I noticed the rounds get way too hard too quickly so that's getting ironed out too!

I'll have an update down the line with lots of improvements, thanks for streaming my game!!

I got a chance to check out your playthrough, awesome stream!! Thanks so much for giving the game a go, super happy to hear you had fun! 

I already got some improvements cooking away in the kitchen:

Enemies now get stronger with more health after each round and continue to grow in numbers too. The main appliance towers can now level up by getting XP from damaging enemies. I may experiment with giving each of them an added feature when they reach level 5 like extra projectiles fired or a new attribute like random crits, enemy slow down in radius, etc. Each mobile tower now has their own unique buildable/upgradeable tower that have a fun kitchen theme.

I'll get straight to work on new, interesting enemies that are lesser in numbers but can take a beating. I can try cooking up a new map layout after I get these previous changes updated into the game!

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Thanks for giving the game a go!! I'm currently working on a unique buildable mini-tower for each main tower and they'll all fit the kitchen theme, so generic turrets are going bye-bye. 

That pause menu is gonna be redesigned with clickable buttons and cool looks and everything.

I'll keep the maintenance idea in mind!! I've been trying to brainstorm ideas to get the player to move around and do something actively in late game. There's concept I have where there's an enemy type only the player can destroy that pops up at random locations (they don't move) and the player has to destroy them before they can launch their long range attack at the Pantry. Still gotta actually prototype this to see if it's actually worth going for or not lol

For winning conditions, I wasn't sure yet what I wanted to go for. I thought it would be interesting if there was a campaign mode that offers various objectives per map (or alternative version of the same map), so stuff like reaching a certain round, survive for a specified amount of time, playing with modifications like harder enemies or reduced Metal income, etc. This all depends on if I decide to go for a full blown release or just keeping this as a little experiment, and I'm not sure yet.

So glad you enjoyed my game!! Glad to hear you liked it even if you're not familiar with TD games that's awesome to hear.

Lemme know if it runs okay on your other PC 👍

Other devs before me pretty much summed up how I felt, they mentioned all the stuff I'd mention. This one's really, really cool. Keep it up!!

This game is really unique, I think the movement is a little too slow and the FOV is very low and could be adjustable, but you got here a game that feels very different than the usual "uh oh spooky ghosts in a dark area!!1" kind of game. Good work!

Interesting take on this genre! Took some notes while playing:

I like the idea that you protect the spider's eggs, but it would be nice if you could the spider and it's eggs' health displayed on the screen while you're roaming around.

I found the ground having so many objects for decor felt a bit distracting, so if it's possible I'd reduce them.

If the screen is wider than about 1200 pixels, then the intro image can still be seen. I've got a 2560 x 1440 screen so it shows pretty clearly on the far right side of the screen.

Overall nice work!!

Awesome, looking forward to what's next!!

Oh sweet!! Will give that new version a try. 

Lemme know whatcha think of my game, I'm in the middle of revising the mechanics, gotta know if it's going in the right direction or not haha

This game feels really polished and has a lot of life to it! I was confused tho when I picked spells during my playthrough and i couldn't use them. Are they supposed to be equipped? I was using a controller. Besides that, I think the only real issues I had was maybe the camera was just a bit too far away (maybe you could make this adjustable?). Servelat gave all the good feedback to give so I'm outta things to say haha.

This is really charming!! I think the AI are pretty brutal tho, I can barely get 2nd on easy mode, so I'd like to see them be a bit more balanced! Got any plans for any other game modes like lapped/timed eliminator or some kind of battle mode?

I like the ambition of combining Pong and Breakout, but games with the same premise, such as Destructure: Among Debris, and Twin Breaker, try their best to make the combination of the two games more nuanced. They feel so much more than just a direct combo of the two classics, since they add a lot more features and mechanics (and their own flavor of visuals) to create a tasty mixture.

There's all kinds of possibilities of what you could try with your game, whether it be upgrades or various enemy types, or potentially completely different mechanics to use. Maybe each level scrolls horizontally and the player tries to break as many blocks as they can while they scroll to the side, revealing more blocks and potentially other mechanics or obstacles. I think this is a good base that you can work off from, experiment and see what you can come up with!

Thanks for giving the game a go!!

There's plans to have each appliance have a unique buildable mini-tower (currently just a generic turret) that have different uses and ways to damage enemies. I’d like to try giving the three appliances have a bit more unique abilities. Maybe they can level up (with XP generated from damage caused) and get a unique thing they can do like stun enemies, randomly crit, generate more Metal to build, regain health for the homebase, etc. Maybe the appliances could even earn more XP if you’re actively playing as them?

I’d like to make a dedicated tutorial for how to play where each round specifically teaches you what to do, so for example to practice building a turret, round 2 could only be sent out after the player sets down a mini tower.

I could add something like an enemy type that isn’t on the track and pops up at a random spot on the map, so the player has to use the Appliances against them. Maybe they only can get hit by the Appliances so mini towers can’t take care of them, the player has a stronger reason to move away from their usual spot(s) and defeat that enemy before it can damage the homebase from a distance.

The fireworks are actually placeholder effects for explosions caused by defeating red (bomb) enemies that should cause a fair amount of splash damage, I’ll look into making it feel like they have more of an effect on surrounding enemies.

I’m gonna talk around with some other devs to see what they think before I start adding a whole buncha stuff. Thanks for taking the time to give the game a shot and writing up some feedback!!

I couldn't figure out how to play, the game has a unique style but everything is really blurry like as if they were supposed to be textures rendered with no filters.

Thank you!! I'd like to overhaul the game with new stuff like giving each tower a unique mini tower they can build and upgrade (vs just a generic turret), more enemies types, a better map(s), etc. Super happy to hear the switching mechanic plays well from multiple ppl since I totally took a gamble on that. Balance and fleshing things out are big priorities whenever I get to revisit this project, thanks for playing!!

I think the voice line that plays whenever you reload is a bit unnecessary, I think going for a silent protagonist might be the better option for something like this!

Love what you got going on here, visually and story-wise! I think the combat atm feels stiffer than expected cuz the amount of time it takes to start attacking or do anything after you swing your weapon is so long that it's impossible to do any sort of quick slash-n-dodge kind moves, like there's no way to attack while moving or move right after a swing like other hack n slash games. The combat is surprisingly slow because of this and was a bit of a let down. Would love to see the combat get improved! Also, even on my RTX 3060 TI the game dropped a lot of frames, mostly when I look over at this one area where there's this sorta hallway, could be there's too many light sources but i dunno. Not bad what you got tho!!

Pretty funny game!! I wish you could hold the right mouse down and flick objects around as a mechanic haha. Also, if you stand on top of a physics object, your controls get messed up, so it seems like the world movement is dependent on the actor's root rotation, which gets messed up after getting rotated around.

That means a whoooole lot, thank you!!

Thanks for checking it out!! I def. want to get the towers balanced when I work on this project again later, that is one hot oven haha

Aye 1 million let's go!!! 🎉

Glad you like it!! When I revisit this project I'd like to rebalance the towers so I'll have to do my research on that, Oven is atm pretty OP haha