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Thank you!! Just wanted to make sure it was a good as can be ;)

This really makes you FEEL like you're on a secluded island on a newly terraformed moon 279 years into the future.

Glad you had a fun time! I'll look into making those wooden platforms  less infuriating ASAP 👍

Webster is a bigger boss 😎

Hmm, does the music stop working? Or are the controls just locked up? Also, do you have the newest version downloaded, 7_19? I had a 7_10 version up for a short period before a friend found out a major bug so I uploaded the 7_19  hot fix.

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you had a great time! For awhile now I have been thinking about giving Brooke 360 degree aiming, and I think I might actually be able to do it. I made a test project for a twin stick shoot em up before and I actually got 360 degree aiming working for both keyboard+mouse and on a controller after doing some research. It would be some work to redesign the controls and make the animations work correctly for Brooke with the new system, but I'm gonna do some experimenting. Also, the surf boards will return in a future level for sure!

Bruh moment

This dude really be out here wanting a $10 game to be free wow 😂

This game is a great example of why I love indie game projects so much. Toxic Pink is a ton of fun and has an incredible visual style!

Twitter is something else haha, but fr tho this game's humor is really inspiring since I'm trying to develop a humorous game too :)

So I'm playing the demo and this game is the funniest thing ever?? Whoever wrote this is seriously a genius I can't get enough of this game's insane humor.

This is my favorite video game based on an anime. Thank you for blessing the game industry with this gem.

<3 ;)

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A new explosive platformer has hit the scene! In this hilarious action game, Brooke Atomica must stop the evil forces of doom. The first level of this game is playable and ready for insanity. Checkout the official page by clicking on the picture of Brooke!

Hey! Thank you so much for playing my game! This is actually going to be improved very soon and the glitches you encountered will be fixed asap! It looks like I should've fixed it up a lot more before I made it public, do you suggest I make it private temporarily while I fix all the glitches and then make it public again when it's ready?