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Submitted by stackboot — 3 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline

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A little bare-bones but I enjoyed it.  Definitely thankful for the strategy hints you provided.  I spent my first game chasing monsters around like an idiot.   Player does move quite slow.  I think you could double the player's movement speed and it would still all work.  One observation, the core mechanic of your health constantly ticking down (ala Gauntlet) does seem a bit at odds with the 'conserve movement' strategy.  It's hard to wait around for the monsters when you'll run out of health if you don't keep killing them.   On the other hand, I could see these two impulses (wait for monsters to come to you vs don't run out of health) working as a kind of yin and yang to the gameplay.

lastly, the respawn effect was really nicely done!

 It does feel slow. needed something else to add to it. a level objective would be good, and i would suggest maybe giving the player a button to use for attack otherwise it feels too automated so i didn't really feel involved enough in its game play, but it's a good base to start from if you plan on continuing with this. :)


Not bad. Though the instructions don't actually mention any controls. How to move around was initially unclear (I assumed WSAD). Conventional wisdom generally implies touching monsters harms the player-character, not the monster, so I avoided touching them and kept trying to find the "attack" button. I'm able to continue attacking monsters after they're defeated, so it was unclear to me that I was just wasting time stabbing a corpse. Lastly, the game often stops recognizing my keyhits like [spacebar] or [R] when I try to return to the game or exit the credits menu, so I have to refresh the page.


One of the inspirations was Gauntlet,  where melee attacks occur when you move into things, and attacking inert objects had intent but ran out of time, and thanks for report on keys stopping working, I think I identified issue!


An interesting game, it would've been great with a multiplayer mode I think, right now it feels a little empty.