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You are an elder god buried deep underground... Guide your people through the ages as they dig you out.
Submitted by ShenTzu Games (@ShenTzuGames) — 1 hour, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Theme inspiration
The first thing that came to my mind when hearing "passage" was "the passage of time". I've always liked things on a grand scale, so I came up with the idea of guiding a civilization through the ages. Digging a physical passage to the elder god (you) in the game was the cherry on top.

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The narration is good, it was a breathe to go to the end of the game (which I failed, not sure outcome can be good for the old god). Illustrations were welcome. 

I have a personnal preference for text centered on the left as opposed to the middle when it expands, as I feel it is more easy on the eyes.

You've definitely watched your extra history ;) nice entry.


A well rounded game, I like the idea of the game along with it's design, and it has one of the best endings of any game I've played so far. Though not being able to skip dialouage gets annoying after a few tries. Also I would have liked to see a system where the stats affect each other, for instance, having more population would mean you dig deeper when you choose to focus on digging.


Thank you for the feedback! I did want to implement skipping dialogue but ran out of time.  I also had some events whose outcomes are dependent on certain stats in the scripted version of the game, but I do like your idea of stats having a more tangible effect on each other. Thank you!

Developer (1 edit)

Just a heads up, there are two versions of the game, one with scripted events and one with randomized events. I feel the one with scripted events is more polished and flows better, but the other version is longer and has more replayability (the latter is also a bit easier). Please pick the one you think is better suited for you!