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This years theme is...

A topic by 5targuy created Sep 25, 2017 Views: 443 Replies: 10
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Hey everyone! I know you all have been waiting eagerly  for the theme's release and I appreciate everyone's patience! As promised, I said the theme's release date would be today at 10:00 and here it is!

This years theme is:

What do I do with the theme?

With this theme, you are expected to build your game's story around this concept/idea. That's really all you are required to use this theme for because I want to leave as much room as possible for creativity and imagination in your games! So let's put our creativity hats on and start writing that well anticipated story you all are so eager to make!

Because the game jam has not started and won't be open until October 1st, you should wait until then to start your project; However, I put the theme out a week early so you guys can start writing a story in advance so you won't waste time writing and building a game and then changing halfway through. (Because I know how that goes).

And again, thank you to everyone who has joined and I wish you the best of luck!


Great theme! I think we can create something creepy and dark with this.


Thanks! I'm excited to see what you make :D


oh nice! im excited to start this! time to get another notebook and start writing!


That's my favorite part of the game dev process! I have a ton of notebooks xD


honestly same here haha i'm a writer so i want to try to become a visual novelist! \^^/


Well I wish you good luck! ; )


Love the theme and the fact that it's left open for interpretation. It's already inspired some pretty interesting story and gameplay ideas, I think. Very excited to get the ball rolling on this.


Thanks! I can't wait to see what you create!! :D

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Hi 5targuy,

- In the main description there is a fault in your statement at the beginning of the page "Spoopy".
- In the main description you say that the end is at 06:00 am, and here at 12:00 pm.
- Can we use any programming language? (In my case LUA with LoveED)
- In the beginning you say you do not want horror games, and in the end you say you want games of horrors ... :)
- What do you mean by "There will be no ranking system." ?, no rates for the games?


Hey there!

Spoopy is just a funny way to say spooky, so that was on purpose.

I'll fix the times in the description, but just follow whatever the countdown says on the main page.

Yep. You can use whatever language you want.

I didn't say I don't want horror games, I'm making one myself. I said it doesn't have to be one. I didn't want people to come here and assume this was for horror games only.

People kept asking me if all of the entries would be ranked, I said no.